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My Secret Spot!

March 28, 2016
Over the next few days I am going to be posting about my secret spot. Check back for updates!

So here it is… My big secret. The one little piece of heaven I have actually experienced that I swore I would never tell anyone about. It’s the one place, in all of my world travels, that I can honestly say changed me. It changed me for the better. From the culture, to the stunning surroundings, to the friendly people you meet on every corner. This is my slice of heaven I’m here to share with you all.
It was right after I got “Fired” on Celebrity Apprentice, I kind of had this dire need to just get away. I remember calling my then boyfriend (now finance) at the time and saying to him I wanted to take a trip. He probably took it all romantic and sweet… and then I said, “and I want to go by myself”. Im such a sweetheart, right? Haha. Anyways, ever since the Olympics I have constantly been on the move and on the go. Yes, I have traveled to incredible places and called it “vacation” but it was always tied to work somehow. I had never truly gotten away from it all and I needed it terribly. So, I pulled up trusty Google and started researching and when I say “researching” I mean digging so deep that it made my brain hurt! I searched for weeks looking for that perfect place. That perfect getaway that would be all mine and be worth every penny, and I had found it.
I stumbled across this place called COMO. It was and is kind of a strange website. It doesn’t say much. It doesn’t give you much info. It can even come across and give you this air of mystery and intrigue. But I knew it was my place. It was described as this blissful escape and used words like “serene” and “intimate” and “secluded” and I ate it up! The photos were breathtaking and when I really started diving in, calling the booking agencies, and seeing what all I needed to do to get there, it just kept getting better and better! I remember talking to the reservations agent and kind of spilling my life story to her and my needs to get away and she was just so comforting. She had this voice and tone that made you feel like she was your mom and everything was going to be okay. She told me she had the perfect “package” for me and it was for rejuvenation and overall wellness. She told me that once I arrived that the COMO team would make it the best experience ever. I would be spending my days at the spa, doing yoga on top of mountains, hiking the most incredible trails through the rainforests, and be totally swept away from the chaos of everyday life. She sold me. BIG TIME. I was in and I was booked. The only thing I had to figure out now was how to get all the way out to Bali, Indonesia.
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