You'll Love These Natural Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Let’s be honest, we all want to look dazzly for the holidays. Whether you’ve got an office party coming up or just a simple family gathering, we get giddy knowing we’re glowing (or as Andrew would say, “you lookin’ finnneee girl!”). Well, fortunately, we don't need to spend hours in the bathroom or create a messy science experiment of products. Seriously, we don’t! I’m going to share some of my favourite natural beauty tips for the holidays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Silk pillows for soft skin You’d never think of your pillow cover as an anti aging trick, right? But it is! After switching from a cotton pillow case to a silk one, my skin got surprisingly softer. Apparently, the cott

Why We Should Never Miss Out on Holiday Traditions

.The holidays are an investment— in our family, friends, relationships— ourselves. Yet sometimes we don’t always make time for the little things that matter, like those random traditions we grew up with as kids. When life gets busy, we get sidetracked. So this season, I’m giving more of my heart to the holidays! I’m diving into my old childhood rituals, along with some new (and weird) ones i’m creating with Andrew. Here are some reasons you should too! Positive energy perks The holidays are like a breath of fresh air...inhale the good, exhale the bad! During this time, we should be focusing our energy on being with family, and make positive memories where we can just be ourselves. How do you

Guess what? I'm relaunching my blog!

With the holidays around the corner, I’m feeling like it’s time for a change. I think we all know that feeling— that special “aha” moment you get when you’re inspired to invest in something new, maybe do something positive for yourself. For me, I want to reconnect with all of you and revive my blog. 2017 has been a roller coaster for me. I’ve faced painful personal challenges. And then, there’s been the rewarding demands of filming my new show “Adventure Capitalist”. Through all this unfamiliar territory, I sense God wants me to continue doing what I love. Life is always going to train us for something. I’m now training for a new sport; it’s called empowerment. That’s why I’m deciding to ac

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