5 Steps for Starting Your Own Business

Every business starts with an idea. But taking that leap from the idea to a fully functioning business can feel intimidating. When I first started my own business in social media consulting, I started from scratch just like anyone else. Along the way, I learned tons of valuable lessons and skills for developing my brand, and now, I want to share my experience with other hopeful entrepreneurs. Here are my 5 steps for starting your own business to get those wheels turning. 1. Get online Website First thing’s first, you must have a website for your business. If it’s not online, it’s a ghost-- period! You can find great-looking website layouts on Squarespace or Wordpress: modern website-building

5 Natural Mood Uppers to Make you Happier

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to feel good, our mood is just not on our side. We might be struggling with stress or even more annoyingly, our unpredictable lady hormones, but whatever the cause, I think we can all agree that deep breathing and yoga isn’t always cutting it (sigh…). So the next time you’re feeling a bit less than awesome, try these natural mood uppers to power you through your day. Lemon water Homemade lemonade is an instant mood boost-- not even exaggerating! At home, use a lemon squeezer to extract the juice from organic lemons; add the juice to fresh water and sprinkle some stevia to make it sweet. This drink is packed with vitamin C and electrolytes, making it a na

The Coziest Home Decor Trends

Your home is your nest. Everyday, it should give you positive vibes, welcoming you with open arms (or doors, technically). Which vibes does your home give? Whether it’s a noisy space or more of a solo one, it should always feel warm and comfortable. When Andrew and I moved into our new home last year, I spent tons of time on Pinterest, collecting design ideas. To share my love of decorating, I’ve listed the coziest home decor trends-- many of which I’ve already used in my own home. Furry Pillows Cuddling just got a whole lot better! With furry pillows, you can instantly perk up your room. Fluffy and soft, they’re the best for relaxing or to simply add some touchy-feely texture to your space.

5 Healthy Desserts That are Still Delicious

Trying to be healthy with a sweet tooth isn’t easy. I would know-- especially being a huge chocolate addict (guilty). I always find myself craving sweets when I’m working or traveling, but I’ve found the perfect “cheats” for satisfying a sugar fix without the extra calories. Check out these 5 healthy desserts that are still delicious! 1. Berries Mixed berries does the trick! In a small bowl, I’ll make a fruit salad with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. They’re full of antioxidants, making them super healthy and energizing. Just make sure to portion your berries properly because after all, they’re still high in sugar. Any more than half a cup is no longer that healthy (sad face). 2

An Outfit for Every Occasion

Not every fashion-lover has time to plan outfits. When facing a time crunch, being able to leave the house looking awesome is a talent we all deserve. Fortunately, there’s a simple way we can look chic without even having to try— that hard, at least. Check out these four outfit concepts to keep you stylish for any the occasion. The office Professional and trendy can be a tricky balance. Lucky for us, high-waisted skirts, crop pants and maxi dresses have been the fashion staple of the decade! Not only are they super flattering, letting our figures appear longer, they’re also appropriate for the office. To further slim out your figure, you can wear Spanx underneath. For your tops, you can go w

Workouts for You and Him

We’ve all seen those cute and coupley workout videos. From pushup high-fives to hand-holding squats, there’s tons of ways to get in shape with your other half. But even if you’re not that kind of dorky pair, you can always opt for a more standard couple’s exercise. When Andrew and I workout together, we definitely like to keep it more intense, while motivating each other to push through the burn. Whatever kind of flow you’ve got as a couple, here are a bunch of workouts to try. Partner Push-Up Similar to a regular push-up, the partner version is more challenging. You are basically using your own body weight for the movements, but your partner adds more resistance by placing weight on your up

The Guide to Gift Giving

As Valentine’s Day sneaks closer, some of us panic. We all want to find the right romantic gift, the kind that makes our loved one feel special and valued. As the old saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”-- but boy, can that thought be tricky! To help you along, I’ve created a guide to gift giving based on what has worked for me in the past. This process can be done in three phases: the thought, the preparation and the surprise! The thought First, consider what they like. If it’s cooking, some new kitchen gadgets might be appreciated or if it’s technology, you might consider the latest Google or Apple thingie. Maybe they love their hair-- a high-end grooming set, maybe? Unique and well

Everything Red, Hot and Ready to Wear

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time for outfit planning. Whether you’ve got plans with your man or your single ladies, half the fun is dolling up! I’ve collected some of my favorite outfit and makeup ideas, so you can get an early start on creating your perfect look. Feeling excited? Here we go! Red liquid lipstick Classic and romantic, red lipstick is a showstopper. It makes your lips look more kissable (mmmm), while also making you feel sexy from the inside and out. I recommend going for liquid lipstick instead of a traditional one because the pigment tends to be stronger. Basically, you get a more fiery red. But if intense red isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for s

Dating Rule Book: How to Find Mr.Right

Let’s face it: dating is tough. I’ve heard so many stories from friends. Sometimes it can begin great, and then POOF, he’s a ghost, or other times, you might feel like you’ve taken up a second job in over-analysing and decoding texts. Jeeze! Honestly, there’s no perfect recipe for dating, but there is a way to seek love while keeping your confidence high. That’s why I’ve created this mini dating rule book on how to find Mr.Right. 1. Respect your boundaries Weak boundaries make it easy for people to overstep them. What are your boundaries? Maybe you don’t like last-minute plans? Or maybe you really like when he communicates often? Whatever your boundary, make sure you never compromise on your

6 Things to Try in 2018

A new year means a new you. For 2018, let’s make our lives a little more interesting by trying out some of the latest trends. Whether it’s exploring a different sport or a cool makeup look, it’s all about challenging ourselves and making changes-- no matter how small. To get you started, here are 6 neat things to try in 2018. Headbands I’ve personally never been a headband girl, but it seems 2018 is the year to wear them. You can find all sorts of styles, ranging from metallic ones to boho versions. For inspiration, you can check out the latest headband looks on Pinterest. Save your favourites before your next shopping trip. Rock climbing Both fun and challenging, rock climbing is now one of

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