How to Flirt

The art of flirting doesn’t come easily to all. I’ve never been much of a flirt-- at least not at first, but once I had got more comfortable with a guy, I would slowly come out of my shell. So over the years, even before I had met Andrew, I developed a pretty safe flirting style-- and by safe, I mean it's tasteful, not over-eager or aggressive. Here, I’ll show you how great flirting is all about balance, a compromise between being inviting and feminine yet also teasing and “hard to get”. Let's talk about how to flirt! Smile more Studies show that men are more attracted to women who smile. It signals sweetness and some vulnerability, which invites the guy to pursue you. Smiling also lets peo

Why Confidence is the Sexiest Outfit Your Can Wear

We always hear about the importance of making a good first the impression. Rarely, however, do we hear about the power of that one outfit you should never live without: confidence. Much like an outfit, confidence helps show off your personal style and attitude--better than any new jacket or handbag. It’s the dress of self-love (priceless) that helps you stand taller, work harder, speaker louder-- your invisible cloak that energizes you inside and out. When’s the last time you put yours on? Here’s why confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear. You filter out the bad stuff Believing in yourself is the best shield against negativity. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you embrace y

April Fools Pranks to Play on your Guy

April fools is around the corner and it’s time to start planning your pranks. Even if you're not the pranking type, it’s healthy to bring some humor into your life, especially in your relationship! A good prank makes him smile and brings you two closer through laughter! In my marriage, Andrew is usually the mastermind behind all the practical jokes; so yes, that makes me his victim. Yet, I'll never deny that it keeps things exciting between us. Here’s some April fools pranks to play on your guy. Make him think you reset his phone The more he's obsessed his with his phone, the better this works! Move all his apps into a secret folder, away from the main screen. It should appear as if his scre

5 Key Spring Fashion Trends: Casual Style for 2018

Ready or not, springtime fashion is here. And fortunately, for this season, you don’t need to overdo it! The runways are bringing tons of casual trends on board-- good news if you’re like me and appreciate effortless style. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, while also being fashionably on point. For some, it’s a tricky balance-- because as we all know, there’s nothing comfortable about those shaky stilettos and sticky bras. That’s why I’ve collected the top 5 key fashion trends that celebrate casual style for spring 2018. Chunky heels Thank you, designers, for making chunky heels hot this year. Now those of us who are skinny-heel-challenged don’t have to feel like we’re taki

Get Gorgeous with These New Spring Makeup Trends

With spring underway, it’s time to freshen up our makeup routine. Heavy foundations and overdrawn brows are out; lightweight textures are in! No more hiding-- it’s time to come out and play (with your makeup). I already had my spree at Sephora and experimented with some great new looks that I’m excited to share. Here are the latest spring makeup trends to get gorgeous this season. Super feline Alright, these over-the-top cat eyes are a bit edgier than what I usually go for, but you can’t deny they’re smoking! After watching the Marc Jacobs runway show, these intense cat eyes seemed to be the trademark feature. They’re very fierce and strong, perfect for an upscale night out. To make this tr

6 Habits of Highly Successful Girls & Women

Big, powerful empires don’t happen overnight. Not trying to be preachy here, but there truly is magic in our ability to think positively. As women, we’ve got such an awesome potential for creativity and self-expression, but as entrepreneurs, the possibilities are even greater! When I first began my venture as a business consultant, I focused on 6 main habits to keep my goals moving forward. Try modelling some of these habits into your daily routines to fuel your success. 1. Be proactive Last-minute habits make life rocky. By taking a more proactive approach to your tasks and responsibilities, you can smoothly add more check-marks to your life. For me, as an example, I get things done with a

How to Make the Most of your Weekend #TGIF

How often do you tell yourself, “I’m going to get so much done this weekend!”? Then Friday comes and your priorities get a little tussled, and before you know it, the weekend is over. What just happened? We spend so much time thinking of all the great, productive things we’d like to do, but often struggle to make these visions a reality. Time is too precious to waste. Here are some ways you can make the most of your weekend. Workout Weekends aren’t just for lazing around. I always make time for a workout over the weekend, usually on Fridays or Sundays, to keep my mood and energy up. If you only exercise during the week, you can easily lose your workout momentum. So it’s important to keep co

Every Gymnast Should Eat These 5 Foods

Having the perfect gymnastics bod doesn’t mean being a size 2-- yes, really! Yet, sometimes in life, there will always be people putting pressure on you, telling you how to look or how to eat. Maybe they’re your friends, fellow gymnasts or even your coach. During the year that I became a gold medalist for the balance beam at the 2008 summer Olympics, I faced all types of criticism and stress that hurt my body image. But I can tell you with absolute confidence, you can reach your gymnast body goals-- as long as you stay fit and eat right. When I was training seriously, I focused on these 5 foods that every gymnast should eat. Salmon Not a fish fan? Well you should start. Salmon offers the per

5 Detox Secrets to Get Ready for Spring

Raise your hand if you’ve been hibernating and snacking through winter! Guilty? Well, don’t feel so bad-- it’s totally normal! But after months of binging on additives and the ever-mysterious gluten, we need to give our bodies a break. It's time to eliminate the acids and all the negative energy. It’s just like spring cleaning, except it's for your health. Ready to begin? Let' start with these 5 detox secrets! Ginger tea It’s not the sweetest, but definitely one of the healthiest. Ginger is a cure-all root, working to ease stomach problems, heal skin and boost immunity. It even helps to balance your hormones-- just in case you’re worried about getting the crazies every month (#ladyproblems

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