Learn These New Workouts Trends for Spring

Working out never gets old, but routines do. We get bored with the same exercises, which often leaves us feeling restless and unmotivated. That’s why, just like a relationship, it’s important to always experiment with new routines to keep things interesting. We get to challenge our bodies while also keeping the honeymoon alive in our fitness life. Andrew and I always try new workouts, especially when the momentum is low, to keep one another active. This spring, here are the workouts we’re most excited about! Outdoor zen yoga Taking yoga to the outdoors is the best stress-reliever. You’re breathing fresh air and connecting with nature so you can work out with a peace of mind. When Andrew and

Gluten-Free Recipes you'll Love

Gluten-free dieters get a bad name for being food-crazy. Although the gluten-free lifestyle does get demanding, it really is worth all that fuss and effort... and complicated restaurant orders (sorry Andrew). When you stop eating gluten, that toxic protein molecule, your immunity and digestion improves tons because your body is less congested. It’s a simple science! If your health is important to you, a gluten-free diet is your calling. Try these awesome gluten-free recipes to energize and cleanse your body. Nourishing coconut soup 1 hr 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger 1 stalk lemongrass, minced 2 teaspoons red curry paste 4 cups chicken broth 3 tablespoons fish s

6 Traits Every Business Woman Should Have

Do you dream of business domination? When we imagine ourselves as our best entrepreneurial selves, we often picture that cold, tough business woman. Why? Probably because she seems exciting-- and a little because she's always acting like she's wearing an invisible crown...and maybe armor. While this all seems cool and all, not every business woman needs to be have this Cruella de Vil image. If you've ever watched me on the reality show, "Adventure Capitalists" , you'll know that I'm not that loud, pushy type-- but I've got other strengths. As I always say, being successful is about balance. So to give you a head start, here are the 6 traits every business woman should have. 1. Confident S

5 Inspiring Quotes Every Gymnast Must Know

Everyone with gymnastics in their soul needs inspirational quotes. Like an energy drink, it perks up our mood and renews our self-belief. We need this boost-- because let’s face it: gymnastics is a tough sport, not only physically but also mentally. We're faced with an enormous amount of pressure to stay slim and perform perfectly but in reality, we're just regular humans with flaws and weaknesses. So yes, it’s super tough. That’s why before I became an Olympic gold medalist, I always embraced these inspiring gymnastics quotes. 1. “If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve success.” Failing is not the end. I remember when I came in second for floor exercise at the 2008 Olympics in Bei

These Recipes will Clear your Skin

For many of us, clear skin is a luxury-- one that only graces us on those rare (and less hormonal) occasions. On the up side though, we can enjoy more clear skin days simply by eating a healthier diet--okay, easier said than done, I know! But after a couple months of resisting sugary snacks or fatty Uber-delivered meals, you'll be proud. Making home-cooked meals that focus on greens and proteins will naturally detoxify and hydrate your skin. To help inspire you, I've collected some of my favorite recipes for clear skin. Bomb broccoli soup 40 min 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 2 (10 ounce) packages chopped frozen broccoli, thawed 1 potato, p

Date Like a Champ: Learn the Secret Ways You Seem Insecure

We all have insecurities. And even more so, we all get intimidated by dating. Trust me, when I first met Andrew, I was totally nervous and maybe a little awkward (so he says), but the biggest thing I always kept confidently were my values-- no matter what! When we're out there dating, we should never negotiate our morals or change ourselves to be more “desirable”. We're already amazing on our own. So the moment we start peeling away at ourselves for a guy, we're breeding insecurities. Let’s learn the secret ways we can seem insecure while dating. Busting our boundaries Personal boundaries make us lovable. What are yours? Maybe you don’t kiss on the first date or you’re someone who needs mor

5 Workout Mistakes that are Holding you Back

We all make workout mistakes. It could be a matter of posture, breathing or just your overall routine. The problem is that many workout lovers don't discover their mistakes unless they're coached. For me, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to work with fitness trainers and CrossFit experts, and on occasion, I've collected tips from renowned yoga instructors during my world travels with Andrew. Now when we workout together, we’re very cautious to avoid these 5 workout mistakes. 1. Skipping your warm-up We’re all on a tight schedule-- I get it, but never skip your warm up. Even something quick, like a five-minute jog can kickstart your blood flow and get your energy up. Once your body is

Everywhere we went in Europe

Andrew and I were just reflecting on our amazing three weeks in Europe and I thought that it would be fun to put together a map of all the cities, restaurants, hotels, and museums that we went to. It took some time but we finally finished it! I really enjoyed reflecting back on the trip and thought that it would be neat for you guys to get a sneak peak at what types of attractions Andrew and I like to do when we travel and what type of restaurants we prefer. We also wanted to help those of you who might be planning your own trip to Europe, but for those of you who have already been over there and have been to any of the same places, let us know. Fill out the below too see it all! #europe #t

Instagram Spring Makeup Trends you Need to Try in 2018

You don’t need to be an Instagram junkie to appreciate the latest makeup looks. After tons of snooping, I’ve collected the top spring makeup trends on Instagram for 2018. And although I can’t say I’m in love with them all (lollipop lips, cough, cough!), it’s always nice to experiment with new styles. My favorites are the pastel colors and glitters; they give a cute, light-heated vibe for spring. Check out what made the list! Stripe eyes I call this one Little Ms.Trendsetter. It’s edgy and fashionable, but not an everyday look. You can create stripe eyes in two main ways: colored liner or metallic stick-ons. If this inspirational image seems to overwhelming, you can do a simpler version. Ins

Low Fat Breakfast Ideas for Gymnasts

Every gymnast has a body goal. Mine was always tough to maintain-- especially for my short 4'9" figure. Although it was a struggle at first, causing me to turn to unhealthy diets, I eventually found the right comprise for how to eat. Since then, my biggest rule is this: never skip breakfast. To help you along, I've shared my top low fat breakfast ideas for gymnasts. Here we go! Avocado & gluten-free toast There's a reason why everyone's obsessed with avocado (but not as much as me...). Not only does avocado contain tons of nutrients, it offers protein-- the building block for our muscles and skin. Since we need to maintain a strong physique as gymnasts, it's important to get more protein in

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