5 Ways to be More Flexible as a Gymnast

The gymnastics world can be a harsh bully. We’re forced to fuss over so many details, from our strength, artistry and most annoyingly, our appearance--but what about flexibility? Think about it: we need to morph our bodies into extremely difficult positions, all the while, making it seem effortless and graceful (according to the judges). So, in a sport where no matter how perfect you are, you’re still not perfect enough, how do you manage? I’ll tell you. Balance! And I don’t just mean physically; I mean mentally, the ability to balance your gymnastic skills and mindsets. We may not always be perfect, but if we work toward perfecting one skill at a time, be it endurance or style, we get close

Quick Summer Diet Recipes

After a hot day at the office, we don’t feel like coming home to cook. Our coffee buzz is wearing off, we’re tired and the thought of slaving over a meal isn’t as appealing as lazing around in the backyard. BUT-- and this is a big “but”-- you can make time to enjoy both. Preparing healthy meals doesn’t have to be a long chore. That’s why I’ve been sticking to quick, low-effort recipes that are delicious and time-saving. Here are some amazing summer recipes that are ready in a flash. Fresh halibut & capers Ready in 20 min 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 (8 ounce) steaks halibut (wild) 1/2 cup white wine 1 teaspoon chopped garlic 1/4 cup butter salt and pepper to taste 3 tablespoons of capers Heat ol

Detox & Recipe Guide

The word “detox” gets tossed around a lot. But do you REALLY know how it works? To find the truth, I did some digging and teamed up with top nutritionists, including the famous Dr.Axe, to uncover their secrets. And guess what happened? I collected TONS of detox tips that actually work to improve weight issues, skin problems, health concerns and more -- no tricks or gimmicks! I want to share this amazing goodness with you, so I’m revealing the REAL way to detox! It’ll change your life! What is detoxing? But first let’s answer the big, burning question: what’s detoxing? Think of it as a deep cleaning for your body. You’re eliminating all the bad ingredients from you diet and personal products,

Summer Detox Contest!

Want to finally clean up your diet? I want to hear from you! This summer, get ready to DETOX your diet and lifestyle-- no more saying, “next week” or “next year”. The time is NOW! I’m looking for the most passionate women who can get their health on track. The winners will receive a nutritional prize pack and other contest giveaways! To help you get started, I’ve teamed up with the famous Dr.Axe to give you the best detox tips! Think you’ve got what it takes? Read on! CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS Follow my Detox & Recipe Guide on my blog. In late September, post your before & after photos to Facebook and in the description, write an inspirational blurb about your experience, along with the hashtag #

How to Plan an Island Trip on a Budget

The good life is pricey. So what’s a couple on a budget to do when they want a taste of paradise? The fancy all-inclusives will never tell, but that’s where I come in. Over the years, I’ve become somewhat of a budget traveler. Whenever Andrew and I go on vacation, we’re always discovering new ways to avoid the traps of overpriced travelling. I’ve listed our top hacks for planning a vacation on a budget. Choose wisely Don’t always go for the most popular destination. Places like Hawaii, Aruba, Cancun and Punta Cana are super pricey. They’re considered luxury destinations with elegant resorts and beaches, making these spots more elite and expensive. But in reality, it’s all image and branding.

Cute & Comfortable Workout Outfits for Summer 2018

Fashion and fitness belong together. When you're pumped and sweating, it's important to feel beautiful and powerful. That's why when I workout, I always choose comfortable, functional outfits-- ones that are flattering but also low-maintenance. Reason being, when I'm heavily focused on my form and breathing, I don't want to worry about fussing with straps or complicated gear (it's no time for selfies). If you agree, take some inspiration from my past workout outfits that balance feeling cute and comfortable. V-neck flowy top I'm an enormous fan of flowy tops. They feel relaxing and free, perfect for when you really want to grind at the gym and don't like feeling compressed by tight little t

6 Ways to Improve Your Business Over Summer

When beach season’s here, it’s tempting to put work on the backburner. Funny though, since summer is actually a great season to focus on building your business. With more leisure time, you can start brainstorming and developing your business more. In my own experience, summer gives me the space I need to stretch my entrepreneurial muscles, looking how I can strategize and plan for my gymnastic workshops and social media consulting. To get your ideas flowing, here are 6 ways to improve your business over summer. 1. Reflection Put a day aside to reflect on your business. You can go outdoors with a sangria and your laptop--whatever gets you in the zone. Now think, what’s going well? What’s not

5 Powerful Detox Foods You've Ignored

We’ve all heard the same tune-- detox, drink water, take supplements-- on and on. It all sounds the same! Many of get tired of the same old health tips; we’re always being told to eat the usual: lemons, kale and garlic, but what else is there? While I’m not bashing these nutrients, because truthfully, they’re fantastic, I’m just craving something new and different. I'm sure we can all agree. After catching up with the #1 nutrition expert Dr.Axe, I’ve collected all types of foods you’ve probably rarely tried. Let’s welcome these 5 detox foods you may have been ignoring. Beets From beet salad to borscht, beets are your body’s best friend. Not only are they packed with detoxing nutrients, they’

6 Workout Tips That Will Boost Weight Loss

Finding the right workout style can be trial and error. I get it. Ever since I retired from gymnastics, I had to start training on my own, without the 24/7 help of my coach. I’d be lying if I said it wasn't hard, but now it's one of the most freeing and rewarding parts of my life. And by experimenting with different routines over the years--be it yoga, sports or dancing-- I’ve perfected my exercises to get the maximum benefits. Now, friends, I’d like to share my top strategies-- here are my workout tips to help boost weight loss! 1. Warm-up Heat things up before working out. You’ll burn more calories this way because your blood is already flowing and your muscles are prepped for activity. Th

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