How to be You're Own Best Friend

Being your own best friend takes courage. It means standing up for yourself, speaking your mind and protecting your boundaries-- not easy, I know! Sometimes it seems safer to go with the flow and agree with the crowd. Then you might avoid fights or negative judgement from others. Having the bravery to stay strong against these forces is tough. For me, I’m fortunate that my husband Andrew is my rock, both emotionally and spiritually, through everything. Obviously, that bond makes courage a lot easier. But no matter what, we need to be our own best friend. Keep our boundaries strong When we don’t have boundaries, we open the door for people to cross them. Boundaries are our personal rules that

Get Glowing Skin the Natural Way

Our skin is a reflection of our wellness. But not always-- sometimes we can't control what happens to our skin. Changes in our hormones, allergies or mood can leave our faces pimply. I can't tell you how many times I've come home, sweaty and oily, after a long stressful work trip, to stand in front of the bathroom mirror for some pimple popping (with my husband, Andrew spying in the background...ah!!). So question here: can we avoid these icky moments? To an extent, yes! Certain herbs and veggies can balance our hormones and offer natural skin remedies that work better than drugstore stuff. If you want that selfie-worthy skin, here's how to get it the natural way. Pickles Okay, I know it sou

Why Confidence Matters Most for Female Entrepreneurs

Do you lie awake at night thinking about success? If you're a die hard go-getter, you never stop hustling. You're making moves through the day, and by bedtime, you're tossing and turning, doing checklists in your head-- clearly, you’re built for success. There’s just one ingredient that makes all the difference: it's confidence. As the number one trait for female entrepreneurs, confidence empowers you through all the sweat and grind. As a wife and entrepreneur, I've seen how confidence is the key for managing both life and business. Whether it's negotiating contracts or pitching a television network, your self-belief is what sells. Sell yourself and you’ve got it made. Here’s why confidence

Flattering Fashion Trends for Summer 2018

Does your wardrobe need a makeover? Whether you're low-maintenance or picky, I've gathered the most easy-to-wear fashion trends for summer! Although I’m definitely not a runway junkie, I AM a fan of styles that are effortless and comfortable. So after much browsing, I’ve settled on these top looks that keep you feeling gorgeous and relaxed in your own skin. Here are my top flattering fashion trends for summer 2018. Retro skirts & dresses Calling all romantics! We’re going back to the classics with old-school bell skirts and low hemlines. The example above is from the Ralph Lauren Spring show, but you can find similar affordable skirts at Zara. Even though I prefer simpler skirts, I can’t de

Summer Fling or Real Romance? Know the Difference

Summer romances can feel dream-like. Some dashing gent sweeps you away, takes you on sweet, sunshine-filled dates, and before you know it, you’re too caught up in the bliss to notice if he’s even truly falling for you. Sometimes, in his mind, your relationship is just a summer fling-- nothing serious. Unfortunately, if you don’t know his intentions, you might be heartbroken if your new romance fizzles out with the season. Back when I was in the dating scene, I became very sharp at sensing the difference between a guy who’s a real romantic versus a casual dater. Every woman or girl deserves to know when it’s safe to give her heart. To protect yours, look for these 5 signs that he might not st

Healthy Drinks to Make This Summer

Making healthy drinks is a blast for cooling off the summer heat. Not only do you keep hydrated, but you also get your vitamins (in a delicious way). So for those of you who find water "boring", here's a way to liven things up. I collected my top recipes for healthy drinks to make this summer. From vitamin-rich smoothies to detox juices, these fresh fluids keep you energized and glowing all season long! Mint lemonade 2 tablespoons crushed fresh mint leaves 1/2 cup of herbal passion tea 1 cup stevia 2 quarts cold water 1.5 cups of freshly squeezed organic lemons Add 1/2 cup of boiled water to herbal passion tea bag and let it simmer for 10 min. In a 1 gallon pitcher, add the passion tea, crus

My New Fitness Apparel Line, FYT, Is About Being Yourself

As an athlete with a small-town upbringing, I’ve always valued comfortable, down-to-earth apparel for the gym. Nothing too showy or flashy-- I wanted cool athletic wear that met my lifestyle and always kept searching for styles that matched my vision. So finally, after much dreaming and planning, I decided to launched my own athletic apparel brand, FYT! Inspired by positive energy and feeling confident in your own body, FYT empowers you to push harder, smile bigger and strive higher. So whether you’re getting pumped at the gym or simply doing errands around town, FYT lets you be comfortably yourself. At the heart of my brand, I believe that athletic attire should bring out the best in us.

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