Creative Summer Salad Recipes

Beautiful summer days should be matched by great food and company. Time to get creative with these summer salad recipes your guests will lov

Gymnast Tips: The Power of Posture

Chest out, straight arms, balance! You hear the cues , but in that moment’s rush, everything can feel like a blur. With so many reminders banging around in your head, you’re usually not thinking about how pretty it all looks. I don’t blame you! You’re paying attention to the motions, not the artistry. That's okay for now; your artistry is a skill that’s constantly evolving with your abilities as a gymnast. To keep improving, I'd like you to start thinking about this magical ingredient: posture! The basics of grace When it comes to making something so difficult look beautiful, the element of posture is the key to grace. Rob Williams, a kinesiologist and posture specialist, believes that goo

4 Causes of Belly Fat They Don't Tell You

Feeling bloated? We've all been there. You hear the typical reasons: late-night snacking, too much salt, maybe beans...but beyond these usual suspects, there's other causes of belly fat that are less talked about. Let's go through the list so you can beat those uncomfortable belly blues. 1. Dehydration Water boosts metabolism! But when we're dehydrated, our body runs less effectively and cant burn as many less calories. So when we eat while dehydrated, the extra fat leftover gets stored in our bellies, according to Livestrong. The solution is easy. Always keep yourself  hydrated through the day-- at work, the gym, everywhere! If you find water tastes boring, you can always add some lemon jui

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