How Often Should I Work Out?

It’s a rocky question: “how often should I work out?”. Most fitness magazines will tell you three to four times a week-- but I don’t exactly

5 Ways to Update Your Skin Routine for Fall

When the season changes, so should our skincare routine. It’s important to keep up with the climate since our skin needs different treatments according the weather. Annoying, I know, especially when you’ve finally found that holy grail moisturizer-- but hey, maybe it'll still work all-season-round. Here's how to know for use. To help you along, here's how to update your skincare routine for fall. 1.Ditch the alcohol-based toners First off, let’s be clear about toning. As one of the most important parts of a skincare routine, applying toner helps purify your skin and tighten pores after you've washed your face. The only problem is that many toners are made with alcohol , which is extremely dr

Calling all Athletes! What Are Your Back to School Goals?

It's back to school time and things are getting busy! When you're an athlete and a student, you're dealing with lots of responsibilities on your plate. From after-school practice to homework, there are tons of priorities in your busy life. On top of all that, you've got friends, family and maybe even some cool hobbies you're passionate about. How do you manage? What are your goals for this year? Here's why it's importance to set goals. Gets you pumped! When you’re chasing your deepest desires, you'll be much more likely to jump higher for any achievement. Whether it’s about working on your slap shot or your timing on the balance beam, think about what skills you want to improve most. You’ll

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