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An Outfit for Every Occasion

Not every fashion-lover has time to plan outfits. When facing a time crunch, being able to leave the house looking awesome is a talent we all deserve. Fortunately, there’s a simple way we can look chic without even having to try— that hard, at least. Check out these four outfit concepts to keep you stylish for any the occasion.

The office

Professional and trendy can be a tricky balance. Lucky for us, high-waisted skirts, crop pants and maxi dresses have been the fashion staple of the decade! Not only are they super flattering, letting our figures appear longer, they’re also appropriate for the office. To further slim out your figure, you can wear Spanx underneath.

For your tops, you can go with a flowy crop top or white blouse. If your work space is more casual, a V-neck fitted shirt works great. Spruce it up with a jacket--either a military style, leather or a light drape. Finish with nude sandals or low heeled ankle booties.

Date night

As my top excuse to dress up, there’s date night! I personally prefer to wear something comfortable, but you can easily go dressier by wearing higher heels and more dramatic makeup.

I recommend wearing either black trousers or skinny jeans, but a quality kind that really compliments your curves. Invest in a special pair of jeans and take time finding ones that compliment your unique figure. You may end up spending weeks trying on different brands of jeans until you have that “aha” moment.

Pair your bottoms with a flirty camisole or a black shell top, topped with a cardigan or blazer. To finish, go with a funky accessory like a statement necklace or a chunky ring.

Home lounging

Homebodies can be stylish too!

For lounging around, I swear by linen outfits-- they’re incredibly soft, snuggly and eco-friendly. Try out a pair of cuffed linen pants with a drawstring and a cropped hoodie. It’s honestly the next best thing to walking around in your PJs—only cuter!. Complete the outfit by slipping on fuzzy slippers and you’re ready to hit the couch.

Cute and casual

Finally, there’s your everyday look. This is the one you’ll rock for occasions like casual outings, errand runs and visiting friends. The key here ladies is one word: black leggings-- okay, that was technically two.

But without fail, leggings can match any of your go-to tops. You can wear almost any basic top style, either flowy or form-fitting and then throw over a sheer cardigan for a trendy effect. For your shoes, go with ankle booties or knee-high boots. Then, toss over a cross-body bag (in a neutral color) for your final touch.

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