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5 Detox Secrets to Get Ready for Spring

Raise your hand if you’ve been hibernating and snacking through winter! Guilty? Well, don’t feel so bad-- it’s totally normal! But after months of binging on additives and the ever-mysterious gluten, we need to give our bodies a break. It's time to eliminate the acids and all the negative energy. It’s just like spring cleaning, except it's for your health. Ready to begin? Let' start with these 5 detox secrets!

Ginger tea

It’s not the sweetest, but definitely one of the healthiest. Ginger is a cure-all root, working to ease stomach problems, heal skin and boost immunity. It even helps to balance your hormones-- just in case you’re worried about getting the crazies every month (#ladyproblems).

Since ginger’s flavor is quite bitter, you can add some manuka honey to improve the taste.

Lemon water

We can never get enough vitamin C and lemons are packed with it. Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning will help clean impurities from your body, while also giving you an energy boost. Lemon water can also protect you against free radicals ( in other words, particles that cause wrinkles).

Use a lemon squeezer to extract the juice and then add fresh water. Sprinkle in some Stevia sweetener to offset the sour taste-- unless you can take it like a champ.

Apple cider vinegar

If you haven’t already seen all those trending YouTube videos on the benefits of apples cider vinegar, let me fill you in. It’s the ultimate gut healer. I try to mix some into my morning tea to rev up my digestion for the day. Since I started, I've already noticed less bloating after my meals.

I warn you, though, apple cider vinegar tastes pretty harsh. But what it lacks in taste, it makes up for in detoxing powers.

Kombucha juice

Kombucha juice is another gut healer. This fermented tea has a mildly sweet and mostly tangy flavor. It contains tons of natural probiotics, which cleans away bad bacteria from your gut. With a clean gut, you'll improve your mood, mind, allergies and skin.

Some brands mix their kombucha juice with other blended nutrients like ginger, oranges and berries. Together, it creates a super concoction for purifying your body!

Greens, greens, greens!

Leafy greens fuel your body's machine. To charge you through the a.m., leafy greens feed you vital nutrients and vitamins, and lower your body’s acidity. In turn, your body can be closer to the perfect pH for a healthy functioning immune and digestive system.

You should consume at least half a cup of leafy greens per day. If you're ever stuck for time and can't boil some greens, you can try my quick breakfast shake recipe.

These detox secrets will have you feeling renewed and energized. For other diet ideas, you can check out my blog on healthy desserts.

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