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6 Habits of Highly Successful Girls & Women

Big, powerful empires don’t happen overnight. Not trying to be preachy here, but there truly is magic in our ability to think positively. As women, we’ve got such an awesome potential for creativity and self-expression, but as entrepreneurs, the possibilities are even greater! When I first began my venture as a business consultant, I focused on 6 main habits to keep my goals moving forward. Try modelling some of these habits into your daily routines to fuel your success.

1. Be proactive

Last-minute habits make life rocky. By taking a more proactive approach to your tasks and responsibilities, you can smoothly add more check-marks to your life. For me, as an example, I get things done with a “NOW mindset”. If I’ve got half hour to spare before a meeting or interview, I’ll use that time to answer emails and then speed off to Walgreens to pick up more lotion or whatever I need. So simply put, life gets better when you’re proactive.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast

Food feeds the brain. When you skip breakfast, you’re making your body and mind slow and sluggish in the morning. You need that energy to lead a productive work day. Eggs or avocado toast make great breakfast meals or you can try my other healthy food ideas.

3. Do what you love

Enthusiasm helps you grow. People who feel passionate about what they do are motivated to perform their best. After all, there’s nothing more discouraging than forcing yourself to get up everyday for a job you hate-- there’s no love in it. Are you doing what you love? It’s never too late to reconsider your life goals.

4. Keep a to-do list

For those who prefer going with the flow, a to-do list may sound annoying. But truthfully, it’s one of the most simple and underrated tools for success. Being able to see a list of your responsibilities is a constant reminder that you need to push forward. Try checking off at least three things from your list everyday. You’ll feel great pride in knowing you’re accomplishing things, be it small or large.

5. Build positive relationships

Negative relationships create negative energy. We only want to fill our lives with love and goodness, and this largely comes from the relationships we have. Realistically, you can’t focus on your goals when you’re stressing about some comment your friend made or why your boyfriend rolled his eyes at you the other day. So, keep your relationships positive and keep this momentum in your work life.

6. Stay fit in body and mind

Staying physically fit keeps you mentally strong. The body and mind will always be your most basic tools for success-- nurture them! Andrew and I integrate sports into our daily routine, so fitness is just a natural part of my week-- I don’t even have to pre-plan or think about it. And on those odd occasions where I have to travel and I’ve got a ridiculously early flight, like 4 am, my priorities still don’t change. Make fitness part of your lifestyle as one of your habits as a successful woman.

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