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These 5 Diet Tips Help Curvy Gymnasts Stay Fit

As gymnasts, we come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are round, short, broad-- so depending on your body type, it can be challenging to stay fit and strong-- especially when you’re naturally curvy. But before I start recommending diet tips, know that health is the number one beauty of all and truthfully, we’re not all meant to look the same. Our physical differences make our performances more beautiful because they're unique to our own build and style. So with that said, love what you’ve got, and to be healthy, try these 5 diet tips that help curvy gymnasts stay fit.

1. Snack often… yes I said it!

Eating less can make you gain more. Surprised? I know it sounds weird; let me explain: in order for our metabolism to work at its best, we need to feed it energy. Health US News confirms that when you eat less, your metabolism isn't being nourished and activated, which can lead to weight gain.

For this reason, you should have a small healthy snack between meals to keep that calorie-burning engine running.

2. Drink lots of water

Water equals detox! It helps us break down food and soften it, creating an easier exist strategy (he). By flushing out the waste and impurities from our bodies, our digestion runs more smoothly. In turn, we'll have less yucky buildup in the gut. It's also important to keep your body hydrated when you're an active gymnast.So always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go.

3. Practice smart food pairing

Not all foods should be eaten together. When combining the wrong foods in a single meal, you can stress your gut with too much work, preventing all the nutrients from being properly digested. The result? According to Livestrong, weight gain!

Think about it: if you eat a carb and protein in the same meal, which nutrient does your body needs more? It'll make the protein top priority, taking 3-4 hours to digest. Once done, the carbs would have been sitting in your gut, only partially digested for hours.

If you’re a newbie to food pairing, the basic rules go like this: never eat fruit, starch, animal protein or nuts together in the same meal. You can refer to this chart, which outlines the rules.

4. Go gluten free

Ah, the mysterious gluten, guys. Half of society doesn't fully even understand what gluten means, but you don’t have to be super sciency to get the general idea. Basically, it’s a spongy substance that’s usually present in carbs and can be stored as fat. Whether you're celiac or not, doesn't matter! Gluten is still toxic and inflammatory, according to my chat with Dr.Axe.

I recommend going gluten-free if you’re passionate about staying fit and healthy as a gymnast.

Just don’t become one of those annoying gluten-free people who make a huge fuss when going to restaurants. You can be a silent gluten-free fanatic.

5. Cut the dairy

Dairy is the absolute worst! It’s filled with hormones and loads of uneccessary fat, plus there's a reason it's meant for suckling calves-- not humans. ABC News agrees, confirming that milk has a different composition than human milk and causes digestive and immunity troubles for adults.

If you need your does of calcium, get it from veggies, beans and nuts.

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