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Why Confidence is the Sexiest Outfit Your Can Wear

We always hear about the importance of making a good first the impression. Rarely, however, do we hear about the power of that one outfit you should never live without: confidence. Much like an outfit, confidence helps show off your personal style and attitude--better than any new jacket or handbag. It’s the dress of self-love (priceless) that helps you stand taller, work harder, speaker louder-- your invisible cloak that energizes you inside and out. When’s the last time you put yours on? Here’s why confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear.

You filter out the bad stuff

Believing in yourself is the best shield against negativity. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you embrace your strengths and self-talk, you’ll begin to care less about what others think or say.

Back when I was competing in the 2008 Olympics, I faced all kinds of backlash; I got criticism from the media, friends and even random people who thought they knew best about what kind of gymnast I should be.

When I learned to validate myself, I was able to filter out all that negative noise. Once you create this barrier, it’ll never matter how many likes you get on Instagram.Your own “like” is the only one that counts.

You feel happier

Happiness is only hard if you let it be. What makes you truly happy?

Surround yourself with all the things you value about yourself; it could be your skills in reading, exercising or even pottery-making. People who focus on their inner positives always wear the outfit of confidence. It creates that mysterious “glow” everyone talks about— invest in yours!

You grow more attractive

Confidence is sexier than any red lipstick. If you’re able to go through life, acting like you’ve got it all (even if you don’t), men will notice this spark in you and wonder, “what makes her so special? I want some of that.”

Andrew swears by this truth. He has often told me that my effort to be confident (or my imperfect, wacky version of it) was one of his biggest checkmarks for our relationship. Even though I hate talking about myself, I think it’s helpful to mention that men tend to be attracted to those who show passion, self-respect and happiness.

Never spend another day fussing about why you can’t control others. You’re the only person you can control-- do it by wearing confidence, the sexiest outfit you can wear!

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