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Dr.Axe Gives Diet Tips for Gymnasts

Who better than Dr.Axe, the famous health guru, to get diet tips? I sat down with Dr.Axe to hear his insights into the nutritional needs of gymnasts. As he explains, we’re so tough on our bodies and are constantly stressing out our joints; that’s why we need extra nutritional support. So by learning to eat the right foods, we can strengthen our bodies for the long-term. And shame, I wish I knew about these foods as a teen (my body is pretty beat up now, ha!) but in all seriousness, these tips are gold. Here is Dr.Axe’s list of top foods for gymnasts!


Gymnasts need collagen to build tissue. We can get it from chicken bone broth, which contains amino acids and healthy fats. It’s easy to make; just go to your nearest Farmers Market to get chicken parts, throw them in a crock pot with water and cook for 24 hours. It’s the among the best foods for gymnasts should be eating. My coach always made me have it.

Healthy carbs

Athletes, especially gymnasts, have too many bad carbs. Coaches always tell us to load up on carbs but it’s too much and hard on our bodies. Carbs like wheat and corn cause inflammation, which is stressful for our joints. So instead, make a smoothie with coconut milk and hemp seeds, or even make one with avocado and flax seeds.

Don't worry about eating fats-- bad carbs are worse. We should be focusing on eating good fats and proteins. We need to build a lean body to support our organs and connective tissue, so just cut the bad carbs or eat healthier ones.


In small amounts, berries are excellent for gymnasts to eat. They’re high in antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and boost energy. Kiwi and blueberries are a great source of vitamin C and work to build collagen. There’s another bonus: berries also have fiber, which is good for digestion-- flatter tummy!

Adaptagens & herbs

Herbal remedies help enhance your mood and stamina naturally. Naturopathic doctors and experts in Chinese medicine are huge on this. Try shiitake mushrooms, known to help with tissue regeneration and adapting our bodies to physical stress. Macca and holy basil are also effective.


Coconut chips, oil, milk-- in any form, it’s a super-food for gymnasts. Coconuts give us electrolytes, fatty acids and tons of vital vitamins. If you’re going to drink it in milk form, you can even add some honey or Stevia for extra sweetness. And as a side note, you should stay away from artificial sweeteners; they contain toxins that hard on your digestion and overall health.

Enjoyed these tips? You can watch the full video of my interview with Dr.Axe on my YouTube channel.

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