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5 Things I've Learned as a Wife and Entrepreneur

If someone had told me ten years ago that I’d be balancing life as a wife, entrepreneur, reality TV star and role model, I’d never have never pictured it. Yet, here I am today, doing all these things, and you know what? I'm loving every minute of this rewarding chaos— well, not every minute; let’s go with 95% of the time. And through my life’s journey so far, I’ve learned many valuable lessons which have helped me get better at balancing all these priorities. To be truly happy, I’ve needed to find the right balance, especially for my marriage, to feel happy and fulfilled. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. There’s always time

No matter how hectic life gets, there’s always time for things that matter. It may not seem this way when we’re caught up with work and a long list of little tasks like groceries and laundry, but that’s where we master the art of multitasking.

For example, I schedule business calls before or after my gym sessions so I can chat with clients, agents or whoever during my drives. But wait. Did I have a full breakfast? When there’s barely time, I toss avocado and kale into a blender to make a healthy shake for the road. Protein and greens—check!

It’s all about being clever with your time.

2. Meal plan

I also have a family rule: always eat dinner together. So on a night where Andrew or I can’t come home until late, maybe even 11, we’ll have a snack earlier and then make a very light dinner together.

Meals are a vital part of spending quality time with your spouse. Traditional and timeless, it’s about two loved ones sitting down and sharing the details of their day. It’s a reliable routine in my marriage that keeps Andrew and I constantly linked and communicating. And the best part is that it doesn’t feel forced because we all have to eat anyways, so why not wait for each other? I love it!

3. A little goes a long way

The more we overthink tasks, the more stressful they seem. Don’t think— just do, and then, little by little, life gets easier.

I always keep a to-do list in my phone to manage tasks. It’s good for mental health and clarity. But these lists can get long, a combination of major priorities and minor ones, like remembering to schedule a tooth cleaning or picking up dry-cleaning. Annoying, right? I make sure to tackle a minimum of three things from my list everyday. Later, I reward myself with a healthy dessert for a day well worked.

4. Gift giving

A little also goes a long way for marriage maintenance. This priority is a must, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s rarely home.

Andrew and I are huge believes in the power of small gifts. On a random day, I’ll surprise him with a cool pair of boxers or a foot massage. Then sometimes he’ll come home with something cute, like an aloe vera plant to add to my natural remedy collection.

These small gestures are so simple but mean so much. It reminds your spouse that you thought of them, a kindness which is crazy important when you’re not always able to spend lots of time together. It keeps the marriage alive.

5. Pampering day once a week

With all the buzz and business of life, don’t forget about yourself.

For me, being a wife and entrepreneur and everything in between, I often neglect my own needs. Maybe I wanted to try that new DIY facial I read online or splurge a bit at Sephora. When I skip these priorities, I become frustrated and moody because I’m not investing in myself.

Know that you’re important too! So, here and there, if you’ve got a choice between answering emails and pampering yourself on a Sunday afternoon, try choosing you. Not always but sometimes you need to come first. When we occasionally prioritize ourselves, we feel happier and more valuable.

Nobody can be perfect at balancing life, but they can definitely be great at it. My motto has always been about balance. Remind yourself to do it everyday: think “balance”. Repeat it, write it on a post-it, make it your screensaver— how ever you can remember if, just always know, you can do it.

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