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6 Workout Tips That Will Boost Weight Loss

Finding the right workout style can be trial and error. I get it. Ever since I retired from gymnastics, I had to start training on my own, without the 24/7 help of my coach. I’d be lying if I said it wasn't hard, but now it's one of the most freeing and rewarding parts of my life. And by experimenting with different routines over the years--be it yoga, sports or dancing-- I’ve perfected my exercises to get the maximum benefits. Now, friends, I’d like to share my top strategies-- here are my workout tips to help boost weight loss!

1. Warm-up

Heat things up before working out. You’ll burn more calories this way because your blood is already flowing and your muscles are prepped for activity. This boost of adrenaline gives you more power and flexibility in your workouts, which increases your weight loss.

Your warm-up doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Some jump-rope or jogging is great.

2. Put your back into it

If your heart’s not in it, your weight won’t be either. That’s why it’s so vital to carry out each motion to the fullest extent you can. If you’re sweating, good; if you’re tired, great; if you’re in a little pain, even better! You need to push the limits, a bit more each time, to keep challenging your body to lose weight.

3. Don’t scare away from weights

Some women worry that lifting weights make them bulky. Let me just say, honestly, it’s not true. In reality, we would have to lift extreme amounts of weight to start looking like the hulk. Yet, with light weight training, you can gradually become more lean and slim.

Although lifting weights doesn’t directly burn fat, it’ll build muscle, which eats up calories in order to grow. As your muscles get stronger, your metabolism increases and you'll continue to get toned with each workout. Beach season, ladies! Think about those bikini bodies.

4. No texting breaks!

Calorie-burning doesn’t stop to check Instagram. Unless maybe, you’re doing it during your run and don’t mind messy typos.

The problem with taking breaks is that you’ll bring down your heart rate, which decreases the intensity of your overall workout. If you’re a workaholic or social butterfly who can’t ignore that text, you’ll need to practice discipline. When you stay on track during exercise, your body trains harder to boost weight loss. So bottom line, when you hear that text, just say no-- or better yet, silence it.

5. Change up the scenery

Never let your body get too comfortable with a routine. To increase your rate of calorie-burning, your workouts should always be different. As you grow stronger, your body needs harder challenges to reach the next level of weight loss. A great way to have variety is to train in new places, especially outdoors.

Jogging over uneven ground or swimming, for example, will throw your body off balance, forcing you to burn more calories. Or when in doubt, go play a sport like tennis or soccer. Andrew is always taking me on outdoor adventures like hiking and canoeing to keep us in shape. I love it!

6. Finish with a protein shake

Finally, never underestimate the power of a protein shake. And no, it’s not just for bodybuilders-- at all! Even though it might seem illogical, it can actually make you slimmer. Since your body needs to rebuild muscle after exercise, drinking a protein shake will immediately work to repair your tissue. As a result, you’ll tone up faster.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a mystery. Follow these strategies to get more reward for your effort. These workout tips have truly worked for me, and with time, they can also help you with weight loss. Good luck, friends!

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