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5 Powerful Detox Foods You've Ignored

We’ve all heard the same tune-- detox, drink water, take supplements-- on and on. It all sounds the same! Many of get tired of the same old health tips; we’re always being told to eat the usual: lemons, kale and garlic, but what else is there? While I’m not bashing these nutrients, because truthfully, they’re fantastic, I’m just craving something new and different. I'm sure we can all agree. After catching up with the #1 nutrition expert Dr.Axe, I’ve collected all types of foods you’ve probably rarely tried. Let’s welcome these 5 detox foods you may have been ignoring.


From beet salad to borscht, beets are your body’s best friend. Not only are they packed with detoxing nutrients, they’ve got lots of fiber, helping you empty out a bloated tummy. Beets also contain nitrates and pigments that prevent high blood pressure and improve overall athletic abilities (hint to gymnasts).

Make sure to never eat beets raw if you’ve got IBS or just a sensitive gut. Since beets are quite starchy and difficult for the stomach to break down, it’s better to eat them cooked and soft.


They might not be the cutest veggie in the market, but don’t be fooled by its spiky shell. Artichokes contain special acids that help clean your liver, forcing it to release more bile (those bitter fluids that help with digestion). In turn, we'll digestmore fats and allergens (like gluten) that are found in fatty and processed food.

Like beets, never attempt to eat a raw artichoke-- not that you’d want to. Instead, chop it down, fry it up and boil it in a soup, along with onions, garlic and spices. It’s the easiest way to get its nutrients.

Dandelion Root

Before you start picking up wild dandelions and snacking in the park, listen to the facts. Dandelion root should be made into a detox tea. You can purchase dandelion root tea at your local health food store. The root acts as an anti-inflammatory, which lessens bloating, while also working as a laxative and energy-booster. Not bad for a weed, right?


When you’re sick of kale, watercress should be your go-to. Loaded with vitamin C, iron and potassium, it’s like giving your body a deep-cleaning spa treatment. Over time, watercress will help boost your immunity, weight loss and even helps you feel calmer during Mother Nature’s moody visits.

Prepare watercress in a salad with an olive oil-based dressing to make it digest better.


Ranked a top superfood, fennel belongs to every detox diet. It contains an army of minerals that work to increase your heart health, letting you feel more active and energetic. There’s also high amounts of fiber, so again, we’ve got those digestive benefits. You can drink fennel in tea form or blend it into a soup. Enjoy folks!

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