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4 Causes of Belly Fat They Don't Tell You

Feeling bloated? We've all been there. You hear the typical reasons: late-night snacking, too much salt, maybe beans...but beyond these usual suspects, there's other causes of belly fat that are less talked about. Let's go through the list so you can beat those uncomfortable belly blues.

1. Dehydration

Water boosts metabolism! But when we're dehydrated, our body runs less effectively and cant burn as many less calories. So when we eat while dehydrated, the extra fat leftover gets stored in our bellies, according to Livestrong.

The solution is easy. Always keep yourself  hydrated through the day-- at work, the gym, everywhere! If you find water tastes boring, you can always add some lemon juice or some herbal tea flavoring. Basically, anything you can do to drink more water will help reduce belly fat.

2. Stress

Do you remember the last time you woke up stress-free? Vacation perhaps? 

Start training your mind to be in that peaceful “vacation-mode". When your mind is calm, your body is less prone to getting inflamed and bloated. 

Here’s why: During stressful situations,  our body releases adrenaline to deal with the threat. Once the adrenaline wears off and cortisol (the stress hormone) takes over, it slows down your digestion and collects belly fat to replenish your food storage (WebMD). 

No worries, it’s an easy fix! Smile like nobody's watching, stay close with your family and eat right. And some zen yoga or sunlit beach naps probably couldn't hurt either...

3. PMS

Your body is a wild roller-coaster of hormones. Joy, right? Well, during the time before your period, you'll start craving more sugary treats and snacks. Since your body is preparing to have a fetus (crazy, I know), it's urging you to get your fill of extra calories.

According to Shape Magazine, our cycle "can cause increased hunger, programming us to eat up to 1,000 extra calories a day in preparation for growing a fetus. In addition, the hormones can inspire emotional eating, or eating as a way to deal with negative emotions." 

No wonder when I'm in my PMS glory, my belly feels like it has an agenda of its own... #femaleproblems!

4. Allergies

You might have allergies you don't even know about. Allergies come in all levels of seriousness, ranging from a mild itch to a ranging breathing attack. So if you've got a not-so-major allergy, you may be eating foods that you body has trouble tolerating. 

While allergies are unique to everybody, one of the most common ones is dairy. In a report by ABC News , doctors confirm that animal milk is different than human milk and drinking it can cause digestive and immunity troubles. 

Watch out of these lesser-known signs of belly fat. By nurturing your health, both mind and body, you can always feel on top of your game. 

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