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5 Sneaky Signs You’re Dating a Bad Boy

Bad boys should come with a disclaimer, but oddly enough, they kinda do! The red flags can be pretty obvious: acting flirty with other women or becoming suddenly unreachable are all vices we know! It’s the subtle, sneaky signs that are harder to notice. Love is blind, after all! So to help remove your blinders (in case you’ve got them), here are 5 signs you’re dating a bad boy.

1. You’re always making excuses

The only thing worse than a bad boy is making excuses for him. Do any of these phrases sound familiar? “oh he’s just been busy", "no, that’s just his personality— you get used to it” or the worst line: “he promised he’ll change!” .

Having to admit that your “dream guy” isn’t actually a Price Charming isn't easy. You’re being forced to accept the reality that your relationship has failed and gather the courage to re-enter the dreaded dating circus. No wonder excuses seem easier— except they’re not! Just because you’re good at convincing yourself he’s a decent person, doesn’t mean he’s worth the storytelling. Save your creativity for someone who deserves it!

2. You feel anxious

Do you often feel uneasy? When you’re knowingly suffering from the “bad boy effect”, you can't feel relaxed and confident with your relationship status.

Maybe you’re always the one initiating plans or maybe he's no longer sending those sweet texts, like “hey hun, how’s your day?" (insert cute emoji). How ever he's bugging you, his laziness is making you stressed about your relationship. But you can't make love happen alone-- it takes two! He's a bad boy. Don't be with someone who gives you anxiety.

3. Your life is crazier

Drama does NOT equal love! A guy who creates problems in your life, whether it’s due to jealousy, forgetfulness or rudeness, will leave you stressed. You might be convinced that all this craziness and fighting means you're passionate and crazy in love. The only issue with this belief is that in a healthy relationship, you can still have this wild passion and love without the drama or tears spilling down your face. See the difference?

You might blame it on his stubborn personality or bad timing (ah, more excuses). Whichever excuse you use, I can promise you, it’s not a good thing! He’s a bad boy! Expel him from your life like an exorcism.

4. Your relationship feels like a secret

Healthy relationships shouldn’t feel like they exist on their own island. Although it's common to get carried away with love, you shouldn't forget to tell your friends and family about it!

If his mom, sister or whoever hasn’t heard about you, it means he doesn’t see your relationship as a big deal. And he should! Meeting the right person is one of the most exhilarating things in life. So if he's keeping your relationship a secret, he’s shady and a bad, bad boy!

5. You’re more insecure than usual

We’ve all got insecurities. And there are times in life where we feel more down than usual— BUT your relationship shouldn’t be the cause! Quite the opposite, in fact, your relationship should bring you up.

Only lousy guys leave you questioning your value. You shouldn’t be stressing about your weight or how pretty your makeup looks in daylight, because a good boyfriend will be too busy adoring you to notice these minor things. So if you’re feeling more insecure lately, it's a sign you’re dating a bad boy.

Life's too short for bad boys. Live life to the fullest with positive, meaningful relationships that don't leave you guessing. The right guy will make his feelings clear enough because he wants to keep you around.

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