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6 Signs He Likes You: Real Ways to Tell

Dating is like getting an education in men, but sadly, not all of these lessons are fun. While some guys are true-born gents, others are complete toads (not the kissable kind). As for these bad boys, it's not he means to hurt you; it's just that he might be too selfish and immature to consider your feelings ahead of his own desires.

FYI...I’m not bashing men-- in fact, I'm very pro-men, mostly when it comes to my husband Andrew (biased, maybe?). But even my husband won’t deny that guys can often love selfishly and not quite be ready to put you first. So to help you see clearly, I've created the ultimate 6 signs that prove he truly likes you.

1. He’s always available

People make time for things that matter. That's why a guy who truly likes you will rarely have a reason not to see you— unless maybe it’s family or work. Otherwise, he'll almost always be available to date you.

Also, making plans to see you will never feel like a chore. It'll be a luxury, a perk or even an escape! You’re a natural priority for him, something that feels as automatic as getting dressed in the morning!

2. He’s a REAL gentleman (and stays one)

A guy who truly likes you will put his best self forward. To show you respect and appreciation, he’ll act like a gentleman because he wants to impress you with these gestures. Look out for actions like opening doors, holding your coat and offering to carry your bags.

He’s the real deal if he continues being a gentleman-- the best he can, at least. In the future, he might not always be super romantic, but there’s a huge difference between getting comfortable in a relationship and becoming careless! Only time will tell!

3. You make him smile

His smile says a lot about his feelings. Whether it’s shy, flirty or goofy, that smile is a positive sign he likes you or is (at least) happy spending time with you. But this sign isn’t 100% proof he likes you!

For instance, what if it's an insincere smile? This type of smile is more of a smirk. It shows that he’s amused and enjoying your company (and looks), but it’s not that sensitive, heartfelt smile that says, “where have you been all my life?”. This true smile is a sign he likes you for real.

4. He cuddles you

Cuddling is one of the most powerful forms of intimacy. This level of closeness requires you both to be vulnerable, capable of looking each other in the eyes with pure comfort or even flirt in your own silly ways (like poking and tickling). Does he love creating these moments with you? If so, it’s a likely sign his feelings are real!

5. He lets you use his cell phone

Yikes, touchy subject! For most couples, cell phones rarely have a no-boundary rule — even in relationships! Why? Usually, there’s evidence of memories from old relationships or some emoji-filled convos from a flirty friend— all harmless things that can be easily misunderstood and create jealousy while dating.

So, naturally, having complete access to each other's cell phone opens can create needless problems. For this reason, it takes a lot of trust to swap them freely. And while I’m not suggesting that you get snoopy (that’s a red flag), I do support the the importance of trust! If a guy truly likes you, phone-borrowing will never be a problem.

6. You feel special

Now, for the most obvious sign...he makes you feel special! Each time you’re around him, you feel more confident, valued and happy. Not only because you deserve to feel this way, but also because you found a great guy who’s smart enough to recognize it!

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