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Wanna Appear on Traces of Gold?

let's make it happen

Traces of Gold is always looking to partner with new and established bloggers that resonate with our audience. If you feel you have content that our readers wold love, we would like to feature you!  Shawn Johnson East is all about helping you grown your brand and finding your place in your niche. If you feel you are a fit, please complete the form below and our team will be in contact with you!



drop your deets here.

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Thanks! Message sent.

Not so Fine Print:  You submitting content would be free of charge and you will not be compensated by Shawn or her affiliates.  You do get to touch her following!  You do have the right to be listed as the author to your post and to provide one image with your credits. Due to our branding rules, we do have very strict guidelines on what content we accept, how credits are given and we restrict affiliate links or product/service endorsements.  We reserve the right to remove any post at any time and we reserve the right to refuse any submission.  Full terms and condition will be sent to you if you are chosen as a contributor but before you submit your post.

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