March 23, 2020

Mama’s Pumpkin Bread

Shawn and Papa J’s favorite treat year round

Serves: 5 Loaves

Prep Time: 20 min.

Total Time 1 ½  hr.

Oven Temp: 325°


  • 5 eggs

  • 1 ¼ cup vegetable oil

  • 1 (15 oz) can solid pack pumpkin

  • 2 cups flour

  • 2 cups sugar

  • 2 (3 oz) packages vanilla pudding mix (to be mixed in w/dry ingredients)

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • ½ teaspoon salt


  • ...

December 10, 2019

It's holiday season! Nothing creates the fun family environment like tasty food. A month or so ago I shared a pumpkin bread recipe with you on my instagram and you loved it! I wanted to share a few more of my favorite holiday recipes with you. I hope you love them! Be sure to tag me in your photos if you make any of these. :)

To help you in making these, we also wanted to make a fun video of Andrew, my mom, and I making these t...

September 22, 2019

Hey there!

Andrew and I are exactly one month out from our expected due date and we couldn't be more excited. In the video we released this Sunday, Andrew and I walk through our birthplan... what it is, why it's important, and our plan as we prepare for the big day. We wanted to attach a word document that has all of the questions we worked through together, sourced from Hopefully this is as helpful for you as it...

January 13, 2019

If you are following us on YouTube, you know that we are doing a whole video series where we talk about how we met and all the stories that go with that. In the most recent video, we talk about the emails that Andrew and I sent each other a few days before I officially moved to Nashville. I promised they would be posted in text form... so here they are!



TO: Bug


DATE: October 28, 2013

SUBJECT: Consi...

December 4, 2018

How can you kill your confidence-sucker? From my experience, the best way is to identify why your confidence feels low and then solve the problems.

December 3, 2018

Like any accessory, upgrades are necessary! For this winter season of 2018-19, prepare to keep your handbag options open with gorgeous designs, including circle bags, vintage clutches and statement totes.

November 30, 2018

The relationship we have with ourselves is number one. Here are some amazing strategies I’ve learned to develop a better relationship with myself.

November 29, 2018

Dating is like getting an education in men, but sadly, not all of these lessons are fun. Here's the most important lesson you'll learn: these 6 signs that prove he truly likes you!

November 23, 2018

Our lady parts are complicated— just like us! Help clear things up with these natural cures for yeast infections.

November 21, 2018

Success is about taking risks--the only obstacle is not knowing where to start. Here’s some REAL advice for women entrepreneurs that will fire your drive.

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