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Drew's Sleep Schedule

Here is the written out schedule that we had Drew on :)


11/22/19 First schedule

  • 6-7am feed whenever she wakes up. Put her straight back down

  • 9am feed, play

  • 10:15am nap

  • 12pm feed, play

  • 1:15am nap

  • 3pm feed, play

  • 4:15pm nap

  • 5:30pm feed, play

  • 6:30pm nap

  • 7:45pm bathtime

  • 8:30pm feed. Bed immediately after


  • Drew was eating 3-4oz every feeding

  • Seems like she does best throughout the day if you feed her before she starts crying which happens around every 2.5 hrs

  • We hoped she would sleep from 10pm-3am but it was usually 10pm-2am. Then again put her back down until 6am (2 sets of 4 hours)

  • Put down routine: change, feed, burp, calm (5-15 min), change, swaddle, rock, crib

  • Most of her fussiness seems to be because of burp/gas

  • We used normal swaddle for about 3 weeks, switched to miracle swaddle until she 3 months old

  • Would try to feed her 3-4 oz every feeding (18-24oz was the range)

    • Feed once at night ONLY after 2am

    • Naps are 1.5-2 hours

    • She was eating 4oz every feeding

    • She wanted to sleep, but we tried to have her to stay awake as long as possible

    • We tried to have her do 15-20 min tummy time a day- would usually do it in 5 min increments before she got fussy (would put a towel under her arms so she wasn't face down)

  • After 5-6 weeks old move to 7pm bedtime


  • Drew started this around 12/7/19 so she 6 weeks old

  • She switched from miracle swaddle to Merlins Sleep Suit around 1/29/20 (3 months)

  • 6:30-7am wake up (she usually stirs around this time or earlier), change, feed, play

  • 8:30am nap

  • 10:00am wake up, change, feed, play

  • 11:30am nap

  • 1pm wake up, change, feed, play

  • 2:30pm nap

  • 4pm wake up, change, feed, play

  • 5:30pm nap

  • 6:45pm wake up, bath, swaddle, feed

  • 7:15pm bed


  • She would eat 6 oz every feeding (30oz total, 28-32 oz was the range)

  • Switched to eating 9oz for the bed time feeding at around 4.5/5 months old


  • 7am bottle

  • 8:15am snack (real food!- start with sweet potato, avocado)

  • 9-10:30am nap

  • 11am bottle

  • 12:15 pm snack

  • 1-3pm nap

  • 3pm bottle

  • 4:15pm snack

  • 5pm short nap (30-45 min)

  • 6:30pm bath

  • 7:00pm bottle and bed

2 commentaires

06 avr. 2020

Love this! How old was Drew when she was able to sleep from 7:30pm-6:30-7 am all the way through?


06 avr. 2020

Love looking at your schedules. When did you take her for walks? During nap time or play time?

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