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5 Time-Saving Ways to Tone Your Tummy

Between errands, family, work and some quality time alone, life gets exhausting! When can you find time to workout? Some friends might tell you (annoyingly), “just get up earlier to exercise.” While this option may be great for the energizer bunnies of the world, for others, the idea of grunting through sit-ups at 5:45 am, being half-asleep, is pure torture. Fortunately, there’s an easier way! To achieve the fit midsection you’ve always wanted, here are 5 time-saving ways to tone your tummy!

TV-watching crunches

We watch TV anyways so might as well make it count! For this easy workout, you’ll lie on your back with your legs straight together.

As you tighten your ab muscles, lift your legs upward and downward, very slowly, without letting your heels touch the couch. Your feet should be suspended in air the entire time, forcing your abs to hold the weight each time your legs come down, and again, to push them toward the ceiling. The starting goal is 10 repetitions and 3 sets. Meanwhile, you’ll be calmly focusing on your show (and breathing!).

Repeat this routine while laying on your side with one hip facing the ceiling. Contract your waist to slowly push up your legs each time. This motion helps tighten your sides!

Bring back the ab roller

An invention from the 90’s, the ab roller was the popular and easy way to tone your tummy. Here’s how to works: while pushing and pulling the wheel, your core strength prevents your back from arching,. You're also contracting your abs through a full range of motion.

It’s much faster and more comfortable then most basic abs workouts because it puts less tension on your neck and you’re not grinding your back bones against the floor. Easy and time-saving, this toning exercise targets your lower abs, six pack and sides.

Sitting knee-ups

Stuck at an office job? Activate your lazy life with a sitting ab workout you can do at your desk! The motion is called sitting knee-ups or knee raises.

You’ll sit up straight and pull one bent knee toward your chest, while lowering your upper body into your knee. Lift the opposite leg and repeat for 10 repetitions and 3 sets. This motion tones your core and abs while you work— definitely a time-saver!

Sitting ab holds

If knee-ups are too hard, start with sitting ab crunches. By contracting your muscles, you can tighten your tummy without difficult movement.

For this exercise, sit up straight in your chair and tighten your abdominal muscles for eight seconds. Then rest for eight seconds and repeat this cycle for five minutes. Be careful not to hold your breath, which inhibits fat burning. (Dr Jil Johnson, Daily Mail)

Eventually, when you’re strong enough, advance to knee-ups.

Watch your posture!

You can easily tighten your core muscles through the day. All you need is perfect posture! When you walk, stand or sit, you should be using your stomach muscles to straighten your back and relax your shoulders. Although posture won’t give you a six pack, it can improve your ab tone and strengthen your core.

As you naturally start tightening your muscles on a daily basis, you’ll improve your balance, stability and strength. And bonus, great posture makes you look more confident!

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