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Winter Handbag Trends: Top Bags 2018-19

As a busy bee, I always prefer the convenience of a big, slouchy tote bag. Classic and functional, it's something low-maintenance yet tasteful enough to lug around for interviews or meetings. But like any accessory, upgrades are necessary to meet new fashion trends. For this winter season, prepare to keep your handbag options open with gorgeous designs, including circle bags, vintage clutches and statement totes. Take a look at these top winter handbag trends for 2018-19.

1. Bucket bags

This winter handbag trend is a vintage classic. A little fashion history for you; the bucket bag was originally designed as a carrier for champagne bottles in the early 1900’s. Since then, it's evolved into a iconic staple, changing each year with variations. Some are boxy and structured with a looped drawstring, while other styles have a more slouchy body with a ruched rim.

2. Statement bags

A little too out-there for me, but the sky's the limit with these statement bags! It's meant to have that attention-grabbing “look-at-me moment". This season's winter statement bags are showing unique design influences from all walks of life: furry balls, neon shapes, space-travel, cartoon-animals. Basically, anything that has handles!

3. Boxy Handbags

Going back to the 60’s, boxy handbags have returned. They have a structured shape and confident look, creating an upscale city vibe. You can find the latest leather boxy handbags in funky prints or solid colors, especially sky blue and crimson— the hot colors for winter 2018-19.

4. Leather Shoulder Bag

Here's my favorite: the leather tote! Meant for the busy, around-town woman, this designed focus on both function and fashion. Unlike satchels and crossbody bags, this style never falls below the waist, letting you stay hands-free during travel or errands--- all the while, holding your phone and latte.

5. Circle bags

Saving the best for last, circle handbags are one of the most creative handbag trends of 2018-19. Simple and small, while offering tons of room for innovation, these round shapes are inspired by all worldwide sources, including planets, globes and architecture. Or keep an eye out for circle bags designed as cool ornaments, like medallions or clocks.

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