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April Fools Pranks to Play on your Guy

April fools is around the corner and it’s time to start planning your pranks. Even if you're not the pranking type, it’s healthy to bring some humor into your life, especially in your relationship! A good prank makes him smile and brings you two closer through laughter! In my marriage, Andrew is usually the mastermind behind all the practical jokes; so yes, that makes me his victim. Yet, I'll never deny that it keeps things exciting between us.

Here’s some April fools pranks to play on your guy.

Make him think you reset his phone

The more he's obsessed his with his phone, the better this works!

Move all his apps into a secret folder, away from the main screen. It should appear as if his screen is completely blank (ha!). Then when he checks his phone in the morning, he’ll think it was reset.

As he starts to panic, he’ll probably ask if you reset his phone; just play along. After he’s suffered long enough, you can show him where the apps are hidden. No harm done-- hopefully.

Fake bug on his pillow

Creep where he sleeps! Leave a creepy crawler on his pillow to gross him out. Record his reaction, so you two can have a good laugh together. You can buy fake bugs at any local bait shop or from a prank store.

Spice up a baked good

Leave a tray of baked goods on the counter-- but with a special surprise! Load the icing with hot pepper to trick his taste buds; he’ll be shocked with disgust.

Make sure to avoid telling him beforehand that you baked him something. Otherwise, he’ll suspect something fishy-- you know, because it’s April fools! Play it sneaky.

Switch around all his keys

Turn your boyfriend into a monkey with keys. Replace all the keys on his chain with yours, so the first lock he tries to open won’t work. He’ll fumble around with the keys in complete confusion. Hopefully, eventually, he’ll figure it out! Poor guy...

Do nothing

Alright, so Andrew came up with this one. The trick is to act suspicious and awkward all day long, making your guy think he’s going to get pranked. But he never will. His anxiety will build and build until he’s begging you to tell him what you’ve planned. He’ll go nuts wondering what will happen!

Let me know if you try any of these April fools pranks. If you record the prank, post the video to Facebook with the hashtag #shawnfools so we can all share the joke! Happy April fool, everyone!

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