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Low Fat Breakfast Ideas for Gymnasts

Every gymnast has a body goal. Mine was always tough to maintain-- especially for my short 4'9" figure. Although it was a struggle at first, causing me to turn to unhealthy diets, I eventually found the right comprise for how to eat. Since then, my biggest rule is this: never skip breakfast. To help you along, I've shared my top low fat breakfast ideas for gymnasts. Here we go!

Avocado & gluten-free toast

There's a reason why everyone's obsessed with avocado (but not as much as me...). Not only does avocado contain tons of nutrients, it offers protein-- the building block for our muscles and skin. Since we need to maintain a strong physique as gymnasts, it's important to get more protein in our diet.

You can spread avocado over gluten-free toast to create a complete low fast breakfast!

Buckwheat pancakes

Ever hear of buckwheat? It's the perfect cheat for regular pancakes because it tastes just like wheat flour, but doesn't actually contain any! Technically, it's a seed but just acts like a grain. Amazing, I know. Buckwheat is also rich in iron and magnesium, giving us energy to help us push through those gymnastic routines.

I'll sometimes make buckwheat pancakes for Andrew if we've got some extra time in the morning to have a slow sit-down breakfast. He eats them with mixed berries (lucky), but to save on those extra sugar calories, I eat them with powdered cinnamon.

Organic yogurt

You can't go wrong with organic yogurt. It's a low fat breakfast option and is great for gymnasts due to their active probiotics. You've probably heard the term before-- probiotics are "bugs" or what I call those "microscopic thingies". They live in your stomach and help kill off harmful bacteria that can cause tummy problems like gas and bloating. There's nothing worse than having to work on your tumbling on a bloated belly.

Egg whites

They sound boring but don't have to be! You can add all sorts of yummy spices to egg whites, like basil, cumin or cayenne pepper, and eat them all different ways: scrambled, boiled or omelet. Learn to love them because they don't have any carbs or sugar and are rich in protein.

I personally enjoy having them as an omelet. I'll lightly saute some mushrooms and onions first, and then pour the egg whites on top, and finish with basil, salt and pepper.

Breakfast options can be tricky when you're a gymnast. Try any of these foods to bring life to your morning routine and keep your energy up-- you need it!

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