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6 Traits Every Business Woman Should Have

Do you dream of business domination? When we imagine ourselves as our best entrepreneurial selves, we often picture that cold, tough business woman. Why? Probably because she seems exciting-- and a little because she's always acting like she's wearing an invisible crown...and maybe armor. While this all seems cool and all, not every business woman needs to be have this Cruella de Vil image. If you've ever watched me on the reality show, "Adventure Capitalists" , you'll know that I'm not that loud, pushy type-- but I've got other strengths. As I always say, being successful is about balance. So to give you a head start, here are the 6 traits every business woman should have.

1. Confident

Self-belief brings opportunities; confidence keeps them afloat. It’s that extra spark we need, reminding us we're good enough and capable of greatness. So when rejection happens or our ideas don’t pan out, it’s our confidence that builds our emotional shield. It lets us face disappointment with grace and positivity, knowing that next time, or the one after, we'll come out on top-- harder and stronger.

2. Resourceful

Being resourceful is an art. Combine the clever moves of James Bond with the strategic grace of Olivia Pope from “Scandal” (love her!) and you’ve got a seriously resourceful entrepreneur. This is a person who's not only good at fixing problems quickly, they can also do it calmly. Do you apply this quality to your business decisions?

3. Passionate

You need to love what you do. If you’re getting up everyday to fight and hustle for a business you don’t enjoy, you’ll become bitter and unmotivated. That’s why passion is vital to living your dream. You must be willing to invest positive energy into each task, whether it's a business call or updating your to-do list.

4. Stamina-filled

It takes a strong go-getter to lead. By having stamina, you can push through each working day to squeeze out the most progress you can. Even on days when you’re sleep-deprived, moody or hormonal, your stamina will let you get things done. Period!

5. Present

Being present means you’re actively involved. You don’t let your mind drift and detach from work because you value what’s at stake. You’re not daydreaming or text-battling your boyfriend because you keep your mind strong. When you walk into a corporate space, you stay sharp and aware of your surroundings to absorb information. This powerful presence gives you authority in business.

6. Edgy

The last trait every business woman should have is the spicy one-- it’s having edge! Why does edge matter? She’s not afraid to get upset, voice her opinions or even have sex appeal (in the office-appropriate way, obviously). People look up to her and respect her edge.

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