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Flattering Fashion Trends for Summer 2018

Does your wardrobe need a makeover? Whether you're low-maintenance or picky, I've gathered the most easy-to-wear fashion trends for summer! Although I’m definitely not a runway junkie, I AM a fan of styles that are effortless and comfortable. So after much browsing, I’ve settled on these top looks that keep you feeling gorgeous and relaxed in your own skin. Here are my top flattering fashion trends for summer 2018.

Retro skirts & dresses

Calling all romantics! We’re going back to the classics with old-school bell skirts and low hemlines. The example above is from the Ralph Lauren Spring show, but you can find similar affordable skirts at Zara.

Even though I prefer simpler skirts, I can’t deny that this style is absolutely stunning-- and flattering! They way they clinch at the waist and flutter outward gives the figure a beautiful, elegant look. For your accessories, some bangles and a box handbag can tie it together.

Flower kimonos

Kimonos are like chicken soup: they’re warm, convenient and good for the soul. I love to throw one on casually for an errand-run or a chilly patio day. And of course, they make the ideal cover-up for your swimsuits with their flowy, carefree glam.

You can find kimonos in all kinds of patterns from tribal to abstract. But this season, flower kimonos seem to be the hot pattern. If you want to find super affordable ones, I recommend Ali Express or ROWME which carries the kimono above— the best bargains you’ll ever find.

Creative knee high boots

This trend is all about making a statement. From pop art prints to Victorian lace-ups, you're letting your unique style shine through. But since most of us can't afford Versace, I'll let you in on a little secret-- two words: Shoe Dazzle. Of all the online stores I've seen, Shoe Dazzle offers the latest shoe trends at the lowest prices. I'm addicted.

Artsy skirts

Skirts, especially high-waisted ones, are my #1 choice for nights out. So you can imagine how excited I was when I noticed the explosion of creative skirt designs for summer 2018. The styles are incredibly expressive, displaying all sorts of artistic prints: marble, paint splatter, polka dot— the list goes on!

H&M is notorious for featuring these type of designs like the pleated one above. Not only does H&M always carry the latest fashion trends for summer, but they’re also affordable.

Clear block heels & funky flats

If you’re a fan of casual style, like me, you’ll adore the comfort of these footwear trends. The clear block heels offer stability and comfort (yes!!!), but they also have a cool, futuristic feel. Then there’s these funky flats. Their graceful strap designs and added decoration look upscale, making this simple flat seem a lot more luxurious--less pain, more perks!

You can wear these sandals for almost any occasion. So no question, they’re a great investment for summer. Once again, I recommend Shoe Dazzle for cheap sandal splurges.

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