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Friday, 23rd June, 2017

Building a House

Missions Trip to Mexico

Andrew and I took a few friends down to Tijuana, Mexico to build a house. My brother in law Guy started an organization down there called “Hope Sports” and part of what they do is help people who need homes. Its such a great experience!

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Thinking about going camping?!

Andrew and I recently did a road trip around the American southwest. It was so much fun! We  camped at various spots along the way, here is everything we brought with us:

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Hiking The Entire Grand Canyon in One Day is Not a Good Idea

Our Grand Canyon Experience

Andrew and I did something crazy on our road trip across the southwest- hiked down and up the Grand Canyon in one day.  Watch our struggles:

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What’s in my gym/cheer bag?!

Welcome back!

In today’s video, I go through all the items that I pack in my gym bag. I know there is a lot of items, but each one of them serves an important purpose! I hope this video is helpful, not only for gymnasts, but also for dancers, cheerleaders, and anyone who enjoys working out!

If you are interested in learning more about any of the products I mention, here is a link for everything!


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Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge!

Youtube Challenge

We had a lot of fun, but also got grossed out eating all these gummies and strange foods for the Gummy food vs Real Food Challenge!! Check it out, and if you like it then try it yourself. Be sure to let us know what you think!!

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An Explanation and an Update from the Easts!


Andrew and I wanted sit down and tell you about everything thats going on with us and why our lives have been so crazy these past few years and also tell you about some exciting news! We do our best to walk you through how the way the NFL works and how Andrew has been on 4 teams in just 3 years.


We are deciding whether or not we are going to continue living in Nashville. If we decide not to stay in Nashville, where is the new home? Find out by watching the video below!

I hope you guys enjoy this video- let me know if you’d like to know more.


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New Years Goals…Let’s Be Honest

It’s that special time of year once again: a shiny new 365-day slate awaits us to be filled with exciting events, people and successes. You can shed the old year along with those cool shoes that were actually terribly uncomfortable and buy a new pair of fresh comfy kicks, but let’s be real. This new year also poses new opportunities for challenges, setbacks and even failures.

I have a few tips for setting new year’s goals that both challenge you, yet also keep your life in perspective. I have a lot of different types of goals: I want to learn more about how to be a wife and also cook two dinners a week. I want to make nutritional breakfasts every morning, reach 500,000 subscribers on YouTube (help!) and volunteer at least once a month.

But figuring out how to be a wife isn’t as easy as making a stir-fry. Some goals, especially ones to better your inner self, can take years to develop. Most of us can barely even keep a plant alive for six months. If your only goals are huge, and you don’t meet them immediately, it can be disheartening. Thus, it’s helpful to have a number of simultaneous goals to keep you well rounded. Make goals to have some fun, but also make more serious goals, such as spiritual, familial or career oriented.

Reachable goals involve being straight up with yourself, but also being determined. When setting any type of goal, give yourself a realistic timeline. Getting in shape is going to take more than a few weeks. If you do too much too early, restrict calories and workout too hard, you’ll burn yourself out before you reach your full potential. But you also won’t go anywhere if you skip too many days or treat your body poorly, perpetually saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Apply your determination somewhere in the middle.

This is where one more key to goal setting comes in: reflection. Take some time every so often to sit down and ask yourself “am I happy with what I’m doing, or is that just the coffee kicking in?” A goal is something you want, but the process to reaching a goal can often involve things you don’t want: discomfort, fatigue and sacrifice. If the process consumes your vision of the goal, take a step back, evaluate and readjust your goals. Yes, you are allowed to change your mind!

So if I want to read one book a month or find ways to connect to fans more often and in new and better ways, I’m not going to pick up from scratch and abandon my 2016 self just to reach these new goals as soon as possible. I’m going to slowly and naturally build into the goals that become the most meaningful for me.

Someone, somewhere, once said, “listen to the advice you would give to others.” When your friends and family struggle to reach their goals, you give them the advice you genuinely believe will help them. But it’s all too easy to criticize yourself for the same slip-ups. Take a step back and ask yourself “what would I do?” and do it.

Happy New Year!

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Southern Bride COVER!


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People Magazine Featuring My Wedding!!

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Kintamani Volcano & Waterfall

So in my first few days in Bali I decided to take a “relaxing” hike/bike to the breathtaking Kintamani Volcano and Waterfall. Now let me start with the disclaimer that I workout Enjoy!

I have added an excerpt from an email I sent to my then boyfriend, now FIANCE :)! when I returned from this adventure…

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