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Hottest Workouts of 2018

It’s no secret that working-out can get boring (sad face). Sometimes it can feel like a chore, especially if you’d rather binge watch Netflix. But nobody can deny how great it feels when you get up and do it! Well, now we can make working-out a lot more interesting. For 2018, there’s lots of popular workout trends to try— some we already know, while others that are totally new! Here are the hottest workout trends of 2018!

Animal flow

Unleash your inner lion! With this workout style, you’re combining yoga and breakdancing to create animal-inspired movements on the ground that flow into each position. These exercises force you to coordinate your core muscles like never before! My favourite positions from Animal Flow are the side-travelling ape and crab-- mostly because they’re a blast and you sweat like crazy!


Squats will never go out of style! Period. You can do them at the gym with added weight or in front of the television to keep it interesting- there are a lot of variations! Just always remember to have proper form: your knees should never extend past your toes!

Ka-pow! boxing

What is it about punching that makes you feel like Super Woman? For 2018, boxing is fully on the rise. You can practice solo with a boxing bag at home or join a class and spar with an instructor. You’ll need a set of gloves and some head gear if you are getting serious. After just one session of jabs and hooks, you’ll feel incredibly powerful-- watch out!

Outdoor adventures

Take your workouts to real-life heights! By setting challenges for yourself outdoors, you’re not only conditioning yourself for fitness, but also pushing your personal limits. Try activities like skiing, rock climbing and hiking (like my 9-hour wilderness hike with Andrew). Don’t wait to get your adrenaline flowing-- gather some friends and get out there!

Pole dancing (no, not that type)

Okay, by reputation, it may not be the most ladylike workout. Yet, nobody can deny that it seriously helps you tone! The movements train your core muscles, balance and posture. You don’t need to wear anything fancy for the classes-- just a t-shirt and leggings. The routines range from basic level to more intricate ones as you become more advanced. Ask one of your girlfriends to try a class-- you’ll leave the studio sweating and smiling!

It’s time to get active in 2018. Do what you love!

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