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6 Things to Leave Behind for 2018

I don’t have anything against 2017, but the new year is all about moving forward. Over the past year, we definitely had some interesting trends-- silver hair and Calvin Klein undies to name a few-- and now it’s time to decide what stays and what goes. Here are 6 things to leave behind for 2018.

1- Kissy face selfies

As adorable as they look, I think we can all agree the kissy face selfie has had its run. Instead of puckering at the air, let’s try to be more natural this year! Take selfies that capture the real you, all happy and beautiful.

2- Sticky bras

Mushing your cleavage together can be fun. That’s why sticky bras had their fame this past year. The only problem is that these bras tend to be designed poorly and the adhesive part collects dust and other mystery fluff over time. In 2018, forget about sticky bras and move on to a high-quality strapless ones-- it’s a better investment.

3- Overdrawn brow

Like friends, good brows are hard to find. Now first of all, I love brows-- they frame your face and make you look fresh and awake. But we’ll no longer be creating enormous, oversized ones in 2018. Keep your brows clean and natural-looking

4- Super long hair

Inches upon inches of hair is gorgeous, but this year, hair fashion is going short. Shoulder-length hair is the most popular look right now. You can keep it straight or add some waves, which look especially cute if you’ve got balayage. I’ve already chopped off my ends and added wispy layers and highlights!

5- Saying “basic”

At the root of its meaning, “basic” is a judgemental term used to put others down for not being interesting enough. If someone enjoys the simple things in life, let them be. Who are we to decide what is better than basic? In 2018, we should all be less judgemental and positive. Spread good energy all around!

6- Saying “winter is coming”

Although we love this famous phrase, it’s time to leave it in 2017. Sorry to all the Game of Thrones addicts out there. We’ve heard it used in commercials, tv shows and from our friends-- pretty much everywhere! Let’s make the Starks proud and not overuse their phrase.

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