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5 Dream Vacation Ideas on a Budget

We all want a pricey vacation that’s also penny-tight. Now, I know that may seem impossible, but it’s not! The good news is that you CAN have your dream vacation-- you just have to plan outside the box. To help inspire you, here are 5 dream vacation ideas on a budget.

1. Caribbean community chill

You can still travel to the Caribbean without breaking the bank. Instead of going for fancy hotels or vacation packages, rent a small villa or cottage. From Punta Cana to Jamaica, you can enjoy the beauty of the islands by staying within a safe local community. While there, you can have meals prepared by local cooks or fishermen who create amazing dishes with fresh ingredients from the land.

And don’t forget to book a cheap flight-- get daily notifications to your email from the Kayak app. It’ll automatically send you the latest deals for your destination.

2. Procrastinator's paradise

Procrastinators don’t always get rewarded, but in this case, the more last-minute you are, the better! If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing away for a romantic getaway or family trip, now is your chance-- and I mean, literally, NOW! Prices for cruises drop way down on the days leading up to departure to fill up the remaining cabins.

When I took a cruise with Andrew, there was never a dull moment. Everyday was a new adventure-- I totally recommend it!

3. Coastal airbnb

For the stylish couple, a West coast trip may be just what you need. Use airbnb to browse through cheap (but cute) residences in trendy cities like New York, LA, Miami or San Francisco. To save even more, you can arrange all your excursions with the locals-- pro surfers, guides and foodies who love showing people around for a few bucks. So if you want to see more of the land, stay away from the big touring companies. They charge too much.

4. Country bliss

Maybe you prefer to slow things down? Let’s consider the peace and quiet of a cottage vacation! Start by planning a road trip to a lake house; there’s tons of beautiful places to rent on a budget. Next, research the local community to find stores with rental equipment, so you can enjoy all types of nature activities like kayaking, fishing and hiking.

Camping is also great for bonding and exploring the outdoors. When Andrew and I camped out at Lake Powell, we had a blast roughin’ it in the woods. Watch our video for camping tips!

5. Keep it local

Ever seen what your city has to offer? It’s not very often we tour our own city to explore its cultural sites. Plan out a bunch of local destinations where you can visit historical spots, wildlife centers, galleries, museums-- the list goes on! You can also make a point of trying out some new restaurants, because we all know, half the fun of traveling is the food!

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