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How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest

We all have a vision. It could be our favorite home decor, our dream closet, or for the ambitious bunch, maybe it’s where we see ourselves in five to ten years. How ever you see yourself in the future, it all starts with a vision! That’s why I started putting more time into my Pinterest board . I’ve been filling mine with pictures of all my memories, ideas and interests. This way, I feel more inspired to reach my goals. What are yours? Let’s begin by making a vision board on Pinterest.

  1. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, make one! Then, log in to your account and create a new board. I named mine Shawn Johnson East (because my board is all about little me).

  2. Start searching for images, either on Google or Pinterest. Save pictures that capture your style, mood, passions or goals you want to reach.

  3. Collect all your images in a folder on your computer.

  4. Don’t rush the process! Genius doesn’t happen in one day. Collect images for a few weeks, so you can really invest in your board and take time deciding which images best represent your vision.

  5. Sort through your collection of pictures and arrange them into a “yes” and “no” folder on your computer. The key to creating a really powerful Pinterest board is to make sure your pictures truly scream, “you!”

  6. If you’re a perfectionist, you can use programs like Be Funky to add filters and other cool photo effects to your images. Then all your images will look more matchy, making your overall board feel more tied-together.

  7. When you’re ready, start saving each of your photos onto your Pinterest board

  8. Visit your board often to get a boost of inspiration whenever you need it.

  9. Remember that vision boards are a lifelong process. It’s important to go back and make changes or updates to your board often as you grow and learn. Your vision will always be evolving as you move closer toward your goals!

So there you have it! To encourage you guys, I’d usually say “just do it”, but this time, i’ll say, “just pin it!”. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Start now!

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