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6 Things to Try in 2018

A new year means a new you. For 2018, let’s make our lives a little more interesting by trying out some of the latest trends. Whether it’s exploring a different sport or a cool makeup look, it’s all about challenging ourselves and making changes-- no matter how small. To get you started, here are 6 neat things to try in 2018.


I’ve personally never been a headband girl, but it seems 2018 is the year to wear them. You can find all sorts of styles, ranging from metallic ones to boho versions. For inspiration, you can check out the latest headband looks on Pinterest. Save your favourites before your next shopping trip.

Rock climbing

Both fun and challenging, rock climbing is now one of the hottest sports. Pushing you to build strength and reach new heights (literally), it helps you get in shape and feel accomplished. Each week, you can set a goal to climb harder walls, forcing you to improve and becoming stronger over time. You can start off by climbing at indoor gyms, and once the weather gets better ( please do), you can take it outdoors.

Magnetic lashes

Raise your hand if false lashes drive you crazy! This year, I discovered an amazing beauty invention: magnetic lashes. They attach to your natural lashes so easily and look beautiful. No more fussing around with glue or dealing with stinging eyes!

Bamboo home decor

Love home decorating? For 2018, bamboo trimmings are all the rage. It could be a simple touch like a centerpiece or picture frame, or larger pieces like a bamboo table or chairs. You can check out this neat video on bamboo interior design ideas.

Flared denim cut-offs

We all love That 70’s Show. This year, the fashion scene seems to getting retro, bringing back those old-school flared jeans. Just make sure you’re choosing the right cut for your body type. If you tend to be curvier, don’t go for such a wide flare.

Occasional veganism

Maybe you love it, hate it or simply don’t care. One thing’s for sure though, the vegan craze is only getting bigger. If you’re not already a vegan, try experimenting more with vegan cuisine. It’s incredibly healthy and energizing, so you really can’t go wrong. But, please, never become one of those snobby know-it-all vegan people-- everything in small doses, right?

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