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Valentine's Day Night Handbook

You don’t have to be Mr. and Mrs. Romantic to get the most out of Valentine's Day. Even though many of us are softies when it comes to all that mushy sweet stuff, you can always create your own kind of romance. It’s just a matter of staying true to your own style as a couple. To set you on your way, I’ve created a simple guide for celebrating V-day from day to night.

Don’t be a procrastinator

Planning your valentines ahead of time makes it all that much better.

Finish your shopping now to collect everything anything you need: a new outfit, fuzzy pillows, show tickets, a couples massage, a salon appointment, chocolates — whatever works! For your evening, you might consider picking up some mood-setters like scented candles, red lingerie, wine or cooking ingredients if you’re planning a steamy night in.

A signed card is a must! Make time, before hand, to write something really thoughtful. Consider the time you’ve spent together so far and capture all the things you value in your partner.

Be a morning person

Valentine’s Day starts right when you wake up in the morning (joy). Set the tone right away by getting up a tad earlier to keep the celebration going from daybreak to the p.m.— even if you’re not feeling so perky.

You can do things like breakfast in bed, morning cuddles, a back massage— anything to put the zing in your morning. Maybe you can even skip your caffeine-- but not likely.

Plan the surprise

If you’ve chosen a gift, plan a romantic delivery. This means taking your time with all the little details involved like choosing the wrapping paper and ribbon to give more personality to the gift. Then, you’ll find the exact right moment to give it, so you can surprise them in a meaningful way! You can check out my guide to gift giving to make yours as memorable as possible.

Set the mood

Nighttime romance means getting cozy. So be ready with all the goodies you need for a close and cuddly evening. You can get as extravagant or as laidback as you like, ranging from strawberry fondue or just watching romantic comedies in your PJs. I’m personally a sucker for dessert making— but you can go with any activity that gets you both giggling and snuggling.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so don’t wait. Make a checklist and finish it soon so your day of romance falls easily into place. And don’t fill up too much on chocolate!

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