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Workouts for You and Him

We’ve all seen those cute and coupley workout videos. From pushup high-fives to hand-holding squats, there’s tons of ways to get in shape with your other half. But even if you’re not that kind of dorky pair, you can always opt for a more standard couple’s exercise. When Andrew and I workout together, we definitely like to keep it more intense, while motivating each other to push through the burn. Whatever kind of flow you’ve got as a couple, here are a bunch of workouts to try.

Partner Push-Up

Similar to a regular push-up, the partner version is more challenging. You are basically using your own body weight for the movements, but your partner adds more resistance by placing weight on your upper back. Too much? If there’s too much stress, you can try doing knee push-ups instead. Don’t forget to keep your core tight each time.

Romantic jog

Plan a romantic jog together and take the scenic route. It’s simple and leisurely, letting you spend time together as a couple while also working on your cardio. This activity also offers relief for your mental health; you’re both taking a break for the daily craziness of life to be with nature and each other.

As you do more jogs together over time, you will build your endurance and eventually work up to a faster pace over longer periods of time

Teach each other a new skill

Everyone has their strengths-- why not teach each other yours? For example, my passion is the gymnastics center (obviously), so sometimes I take Andrew to do twists on the trampoline. These types of activities build your communication and teamwork skills as a couple. So not only are you getting in shape together, you’re also growing closer!

Circuit workout

If the gym isn’t your thing, you two can train at home. Try a few rounds of circuit exercises, but instead of mirroring each other motion-for-motion, go at your own speed. Set a timer for ten minutes and rotate between sets of lunges, push-ups and planks. This way, you're still working out together, but safely at your own levels.


Couples who play together stay together. Plus, sports can bring out your competitive sides! Choose one that you’re both enthusiastic about to keep the momentum going. Some of my top choices are tennis, racquetball, rock climbing and bike riding. Water sports are also an option: there’s rafting, kayaking and dual water skiing or boarding-- just be careful not to collide!

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