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The Coziest Home Decor Trends

Your home is your nest. Everyday, it should give you positive vibes, welcoming you with open arms (or doors, technically). Which vibes does your home give? Whether it’s a noisy space or more of a solo one, it should always feel warm and comfortable. When Andrew and I moved into our new home last year, I spent tons of time on Pinterest, collecting design ideas. To share my love of decorating, I’ve listed the coziest home decor trends-- many of which I’ve already used in my own home.

Furry Pillows

Cuddling just got a whole lot better! With furry pillows, you can instantly perk up your room. Fluffy and soft, they’re the best for relaxing or to simply add some touchy-feely texture to your space. Plus, nobody can argue that they’re fun! You can spread instant joy through your home by arranging some furry pillows over your couch.

Earth tones

Copper and sand are so hot right now. These colors capture the natural charm of the outdoors, offering a light, cottage-like feel even if you’ve got a modern space. In our home, we have lots of furniture with neutral colors, mostly cream and asphalt, which blend easily into our wooden floor. We added other design touches like antlers, candles and blankets-- all creating that welcoming, earthy vibe.

Fireplace accessories

Sitting by the fire is a classic tradition. Make yours seem more inviting by decorating your fireplace with unique trinkets that represent you or your family. Beside ours, we have a large wooden display unit that holds some framed pictures, a vase with flowers and a statuette piece that spells “home”. Arrange these types of items around your fireplace to create instant coziness!

Knit blankets

Knit blankets feel so snuggly! Spread them over the couches in the living room or the edge of the bed-- ah, so relaxing! I recommend choosing ones that match the colors already present in the room; otherwise, they’ll stick out instead of creating harmony. You also don’t have to use blankets that are one solid color; a couple of mine, for example, have a tribal pattern that matches the earth tones in my living room.

Leather… as always!

Leather never goes out of style! It’s both timeless and trendy, and will easily work with the rest of your interior. There are tons of ways you can bring leather into your room: sofas, pillows, chairs and rugs. Not only do these leather touches look more luxurious, they also make the room feel more homey.

For more design ideas, take my house tour with Andrew so you can see where the magic happens!

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