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Every Gymnast Should Eat These 5 Foods

Having the perfect gymnastics bod doesn’t mean being a size 2-- yes, really! Yet, sometimes in life, there will always be people putting pressure on you, telling you how to look or how to eat. Maybe they’re your friends, fellow gymnasts or even your coach. During the year that I became a gold medalist for the balance beam at the 2008 summer Olympics, I faced all types of criticism and stress that hurt my body image. But I can tell you with absolute confidence, you can reach your gymnast body goals-- as long as you stay fit and eat right. When I was training seriously, I focused on these 5 foods that every gymnast should eat.


Not a fish fan? Well you should start. Salmon offers the perfect blend of protein and fatty acids which help control your weight. It’s light, flaky and easy to digest. You can eat it from a can, but for the best results, go for wild salmon-- fresh as possible!


Never skip out on breakfast. For your morning meal, I recommend oatmeal to power you through your day...and the gym! It’s filled with healthy carbs (the kind you need), which keeps your blood glucose levels stable. This means no sugar spikes or lows-- just smooth energy levels to keep you focused on your training.


If you’ve got a sugar craving, reach for berries! This snack gives you an energy boost, but the healthy kind, so you won’t feel full or uncomfortable afterwards. This way, you can indulge in your snack cravings and still walk into the gym, feeling like the beautiful champ you are. Just make sure not to have more than half a cup full-- otherwise, you’re having an unhealthy amount.


Do you often feel bloated? There are few things worse than trying to master your beam routine with tummy troubles-- I would know! That’s where ginger comes in. This herb is excellent for preventing inflammation, so your tummy can feel light, happy and ready for some tumbling. There’s tons of ways to eat ginger-- check out these 5 ways to add more ginger to your diet.


I love my eggs! Every serious gymnast should be eating them. They’ve got proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats-- everything you need for a balanced meal...with some veggies on the side, of course! You can even have fun with it; prepare your eggs in all different ways to surprise your taste buds. Why not?

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