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Get Gorgeous with These New Spring Makeup Trends

With spring underway, it’s time to freshen up our makeup routine. Heavy foundations and overdrawn brows are out; lightweight textures are in! No more hiding-- it’s time to come out and play (with your makeup). I already had my spree at Sephora and experimented with some great new looks that I’m excited to share. Here are the latest spring makeup trends to get gorgeous this season.

Super feline

Alright, these over-the-top cat eyes are a bit edgier than what I usually go for, but you can’t deny they’re smoking! After watching the Marc Jacobs runway show, these intense cat eyes seemed to be the trademark feature. They’re very fierce and strong, perfect for an upscale night out.

To make this trend work for you, keep the rest of your makeup light and natural-- the focus should be on your eyes!

The natural look

Ah, my favorite-- thrilled it’s now a trend. The natural face is hot this spring and it’s all about air-light foundations and subtle eye shadows. Light rosy blushes and liquid lipsticks are also a hit. Finish it off with a soft highlighter with a shimmery texture to create an overall boost of radiance. The idea is to make it appear like we’re barely trying (even though we totally are, ha).

Flirty lower lashes

No more neglecting your lower lashes! We give so much attention to our tops but rarely curl and coat the lower ones. This spring, the trend is to play up your lower lashes more for a funky, doll-like effect. I’ve already tried this on myself, just with one coat, and love the way it opens my eyes. I then added finishing spray to avoid melting mascara ( AKA raccoon eyes).

Nude lip

Classic and tasteful, the nude lip is here to stay-- thank goodness. It’s an easy way to tie your makeup all together without having to worry about choosing a lip color ( time saver!). Yet, unlike last season, you don’t need to go matte with your nude lip. For this spring, you can have a sheen to create a more kissable effect.

Mix things up with these new spring makeup trends and have fun with it. Routines get old and so does our makeup. That’s why it’s good to dabble with some updates to keep our look current and fresh.

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