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5 Inspiring Quotes Every Gymnast Must Know

Everyone with gymnastics in their soul needs inspirational quotes. Like an energy drink, it perks up our mood and renews our self-belief. We need this boost-- because let’s face it: gymnastics is a tough sport, not only physically but also mentally. We're faced with an enormous amount of pressure to stay slim and perform perfectly but in reality, we're just regular humans with flaws and weaknesses. So yes, it’s super tough. That’s why before I became an Olympic gold medalist, I always embraced these inspiring gymnastics quotes.

1. “If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve success.”

Failing is not the end. I remember when I came in second for floor exercise at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, losing to my teammate Nastia Liukin. I felt like I had failed the world. I felt like since the world saw me as nothing else, that since I failed at being a gymnast, I had failed at being a human being. But then I re-opened my eyes!

I found comfort through my spirituality and let go of my fears, learning that I could reach success by being fearless.

2. “Practice like you have never won. Perform like you have never failed.”

Don’t practice like a winner; you'll train arrogantly try less. You must always challenge yourself to continue growing as a gymnast. On the flip-side, when you're performing, you should always move like you’ve never failed, because here, you’re allowed to act like your the best- but only here. That's your time!

3. “Strong is sexier than skinny”

Looking strong means your healthy-- and health is sexy. Just take a look at Aly Raisman who modelled for the #AerieREAL campaign by American Eagle. Naturally gorgeous, she embraces her athletic figure wearing the brand’s apparel, showing us that being fit and healthy and most importantly, happy, is the sexiest way to be.

4. “Mistakes are proof you’re worth trying.”

Mistakes will happen so say this with me: “I’m worth the effort”. During my training as a gymnast, I learned this lesson. I saw that every stumble or setback was just a new opportunity to keep trying harder. My mistakes proved I’m worth trying!

5. “I’d rather wear chalk than lipstick.”

Chalk is our best beauty accessory. Our chalk, our grip, gives us our hold, not only on the bars but in life. We’re the most beautiful when we’re empowered to be our best. Once it’s on, it’s go time! This passion makes us beautiful, but the lipstick, or any other makeup trend, is just something to compliment what we already feel on the inside.

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