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Learn These New Workouts Trends for Spring

Working out never gets old, but routines do. We get bored with the same exercises, which often leaves us feeling restless and unmotivated. That’s why, just like a relationship, it’s important to always experiment with new routines to keep things interesting. We get to challenge our bodies while also keeping the honeymoon alive in our fitness life. Andrew and I always try new workouts, especially when the momentum is low, to keep one another active. This spring, here are the workouts we’re most excited about!

Outdoor zen yoga

Taking yoga to the outdoors is the best stress-reliever. You’re breathing fresh air and connecting with nature so you can work out with a peace of mind.

When Andrew and I were traveling in Florence Italy, we saw a group of non-Italians doing yoga in the park (they were part of a wellness retreat). The whole scene looked so beautiful! Everyone was so calm, focusing on their deep breathing and poses. I can't think of a better way to tone and burn calories.

Animal flow

I’ve talked about animal flow before on my list of top workouts for 2018. This spring, animal flow is still a hot workout trend, so I’m recommending it!

Animal flow, just like its name, is meant for you to flow like an animal. You’re combining yoga and break-dancing to create animal-inspired movements on the ground that slowly blend into each position. If you can imagine playing Twister while pretending to be a lion, you get the idea!

These exercises force you to coordinate your core muscles in tricky ways.

Aquatic boot camp

Exercising in the pool keeps you cool-- but even that gets boring. You’re usually either doing laps or aerobics, which can feel repetitive. Instead, switch it up with aquatic interval training. Create routines and relays that include core building, treading water and laps. You can even invest in some aquatic training aids to add more resistance in the water and increase the difficulty of the workouts.

Obstacle races

Obstacle races have been around for ages and it never gets old. Depending on which training camp you join, the course will feature a variety of unique challenges that force you to crawl, climb, swing and run. Whether you’re practicing on your own or with a team, you’ll get a rewarding feeling once you overcome all those physical challenges.

Not only do obstacle races build your stamina and strength, they also toughen you up mentally. Some of the courses can get pretty rough; you'll be left with nasty bruises and scrapes, but if you're a trooper, like me, you'll feel right at home.

Try any of these new workout trends for spring to get in shape. You can also visit my YouTube channel to keep up with my latest tips to train with Andrew.

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