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Best Swimsuit Styles for Curvy Girls

As a curvy girl and beach-lover, we know the downside of swimsuits leaving little to the imagination. How then, are we able to hide our problem areas? Ideally, we all want to look and feel our best when we’re lounging in the sun, and we most certainly don’t want to settle for a boring full piece-- especially when there’s so many cool swimsuit trends to try! Fortunately, swimsuit shopping doesn’t need to be tricky. Even if you’ve got a healthy full-figured body, there's tons of swimsuit styles to flatter your curves.

High-waisted bottoms

Not only are they a top swimsuit trend, but high-waisted bottoms are perfect for curvy bodies.! Since the band starts at your midsection, it gives the illusion of longer legs and takes attention away from your belly. Genius, I know! Just layer over a gorgeous sheer tunic and you’re ready to get your bronze on.

Low-cut sports bra style top

Sporty swimsuits have become enormously popular this year. Lucky for us, the sports bra swim top also works well for busty girls. With their thick straps and strong-hold material, they keep all your goodies in place.

Try finding a low-cut design; it gives a little peek-a-boo for a feminine touch. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a hot suit, but one that’s also functional, so you can be carefree with all your beach activities from volleyball to random frolicking.

Deep V one-piece

We can’t get enough of the deep V one-piece! This neckline helps give the appearance of a slimmer upper body. As the neckline plunges downward, it lengthens your figure to create a more elegant look--even more so for curvy bodies! In terms of color, I recommend going for a black one; it seems sleeker (fashion rules 101). You can even top it off with a chic floppy hat for the ultimate beach outfit.

Cutout one-piece

Sexy and funky, the cutout one-piece is perfect for curvy girls. As long as the cutouts are well-placed, away from your problem areas, it’s quite flattering. Find versions with cutouts made right under the shoulder blades or just below your midsection. This design keeps the attention in the right spots of your figure, letting you feel super confident with your curvy beach body.

Wide band bikini bottom

For wider hips, a wide band bikini bottom might go against your instincts. Yet, interestingly enough, a wider band is way more flattering than a string bikini bottom! The wide band helps make your midsection look smaller, whereas the string bikini bottom can actually exaggerate your hip size. No thank you!

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