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5 Reasons Guys Don’t Always Want Skinny Girls

It’s always an ongoing debate: do guys want skinny girls? We’re faced with so many mixed messages from the media; one day, we see big, healthy curves and the next, it’s a tall, thin model on our Instagram feed. What are we to think? The truth is that it really shouldn’t matter. Beauty comes on all shapes and sizes. But if you’re still super fixed on this question, I’ll help shed some light. Here’s why most guys don’t want unnaturally skinny girls.

1. Health is more beautiful

More desirable than any body type, health is an important ingredient for attraction. A healthy girl looks bright, well-rested and happy. She’s glowing from the inside out, sending the message to guys that she values her body and well-being. Besides, what’s the point of being rake thin if you’re also malnourished and grey-looking? That's why health is more beautiful, no matter your size.

2. Self-love doesn’t starve

When we love ourselves, we feed our bodies with love too. This means fueling ourselves with nutrition and well-balanced meals . We need the stamina and energy to be our best selves, allowing us to enjoy life to the fullest. Yet, if we're under-eating, we aren't feeling so lively or happy-- that's not attractive. Bottom line is that when we love ourselves, we nourish ourselves. Now that’s sexy!

3. Curves are feminine

It’s no secret that curves are attractive. Naturally, women are meant to have larger thighs and even a bit of tummy fat. The science behind this fact is that a woman’s midsection may be capable of child-bearing, which is why guys have the instinct to love curves. It shows we’re fertile— a naturally beautiful part of being a woman.

4. Curves are cuddly

Who doesn’t like cuddling? When we’ve got a little pudge or softness around our bodies, it feels more feminine and huggable. It’s a major reason many guys don’t prefer skinny girls because guys want the warm embrace of curves. During cuddling, our curves give guys a sense of comfort and even feels nurturing for them.

5. Happiness is everything

Above all else, happiness is your sexiest look. When we’re happy, we appear more confident and satisfied with life, showing that we value ourselves beyond our body type. This attitude is super attractive to guys because happiness is like a drug. Everyone wants to feel their best and be close to others who do.

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