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These Detox Tricks will Clear your Acne

There’s so many products claiming to heal a pimple, but what about fixing the real, underlying cause of the issue? Years ago, I started digging for answers for why we get acne because I'd keep getting horrible breakouts, usually before an interview or performance. For both my career and personal reasons, I began consulting naturopaths and dermatologists. Not only did I learn the REAL reason why we breakout, but I got amazing tips on how to detox and cure acne.

Why we breakout

First, let’s learn why we breakout. The truth is that breakouts are mostly an internal problem caused by poor diet and digestion.

If our nutrition levels are low and our gut health is poor, our bodies release stress hormones to cope with the physical work. As our immune system fights to clean away all the junk and toxins from our bodies, the stress makes our skin greasy and inflamed. Plus, if you’ve got dry, dead skin cells, you've basically got the perfect recipe for pimples. Yuck, but there you have it.

Detox and drink water

Water is one of the most underestimated acne-fighters. Sure, it may not be as appealing as our evening wine, but it should still be our first choice.

Water helps removes the toxins in our body. If we get dehydrated, our body gets congested, causing our skin to become inflamed and more prone to breakouts. So by allowing more fluid to pass through our body, it can release impurities to keep our skin clean. Drink up, guys!

Build immune system

A strong immune system means fewer pimples. It’s interesting because usually we think of immunity as something we build to avoid getting sick. But this isn’t its only purpose. Having a strong immunity lets your body fight off toxins so your skin stays healthy and clean. That's why your body must be in good fighting condition; it must battle impurities to be pimple-free.

Strengthen your gut

How do we build our immune system? The power of health is in our gut— literally! When our digestion is running smoothly, our body’s defense system gets tougher and stronger.

You can strengthen your gut by taking probiotics and eating less refined carbs and sugar. This way, you're only feeding your gut with vital nutrients, allowing it to grow good bacteria for a healthy digestive system. When your digestion process runs smoothly so does your skin.


Just like drinking water, sweating clears away toxins too. As we perspire, we release toxins through our pores which helps prevent inflammation that leads to breakouts. This means that when we workout, we’re not only investing in our figures, but also our skin. Now you’ve got one more reason to hit the gym — feeling motivated now?

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