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Cute & Comfortable Workout Outfits for Summer 2018

Fashion and fitness belong together. When you're pumped and sweating, it's important to feel beautiful and powerful. That's why when I workout, I always choose comfortable, functional outfits-- ones that are flattering but also low-maintenance. Reason being, when I'm heavily focused on my form and breathing, I don't want to worry about fussing with straps or complicated gear (it's no time for selfies). If you agree, take some inspiration from my past workout outfits that balance feeling cute and comfortable.

V-neck flowy top

I'm an enormous fan of flowy tops. They feel relaxing and free, perfect for when you really want to grind at the gym and don't like feeling compressed by tight little tops. It'll also look more flattering if your flowy top is a V neck; this cut elongates the look for your upper body and flatters your bust. Finish with plain black leggings for your cute and comfortable workout outfit.

Sporty pops of color

Get playful with your athletic wear. Pops of color always look sharp and sporty, letting you feel charged-up for your workout. You can even match the color of your zip hoodie to your sneakers (if you're a sneaker junkie like me ha!). Then to finish it off, put your hair in a loose bun and pack a protein smoothie to go. All set!

Black attack

As we all know, black is the most flattering color. It matches with everything, especially other black apparel, which is perfect if you're fashionably impatient. Then, best of all, black offers a slimming look. And let's be honest, when you feel slimmer, you feel better. You'll be more empowered to go exercise and push hard-- what else could you want from a comfortable workout outfit?

Crop & sweats

Easygoing and comfortable, crop tanks and sweats are a winning combo. You get the form-fitting cuteness of the top and the looseness of the sweatpants. It's a nice change when you're not in the mood for an all-tight outfit, but you also don't want to be completely baggy. This outfit keeps you cozy in the middle.

Neon punch

Neon packs a punch. Tangerine, aqua, lime and yellow are all energy-pumping colors. You often see them striped along zip-up hoodies, which creates a cool, sharp effect. Whenever I wear these workout tops, I feel immediately charged-up! Then to finish, I'll sometimes match with neon running shoes-- bottom line, you can never have too much neon.

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