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My New Fitness Apparel Line, FYT, Is About Being Yourself

As an athlete with a small-town upbringing, I’ve always valued comfortable, down-to-earth apparel for the gym. Nothing too showy or flashy-- I wanted cool athletic wear that met my lifestyle and always kept searching for styles that matched my vision. So finally, after much dreaming and planning, I decided to launched my own athletic apparel brand, FYT! Inspired by positive energy and feeling confident in your own body, FYT empowers you to push harder, smile bigger and strive higher. So whether you’re getting pumped at the gym or simply doing errands around town, FYT lets you be comfortably yourself.

At the heart of my brand, I believe that athletic attire should bring out the best in us. It should make us feel strong and driven, but most importantly, comfortable. From flowy crop tops to laid-back v-neck tees, the apparel is effortless, flattering and easy to wear. Using materials that are durable and lightweight, the outfits move easily with you, letting you feel natural and relaxed.

With each piece in my line, I harness the theme empowerment. Each top features an inspiring slogan to help energize and motivate you. Among the most popular, the “Real, Not Perfect” fitness shirt is a rising favorite. It reminds us to value our true selves by prioritizing health and respecting our bodies for its unique shape and beauty. There’s also one of my personal favorites, the “Follow Your Truth” tank, promoting a key message I always live by. No matter what you hear, your own vision of greatness is the only one that matters. Collectively, my fitness apparel is founded on this positive message to help you find your strength, both mind and body.

To bring this vision to reality, I had the good fortune of working with like-minded people who share my ideals. And most notably, I have the ongoing support of my husband Andrew-- my truest friend and life partner. I’m so grateful for all the encouragement and positivity.

Keep FYT everyone!

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