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Get Glowing Skin the Natural Way

Our skin is a reflection of our wellness. But not always-- sometimes we can't control what happens to our skin. Changes in our hormones, allergies or mood can leave our faces pimply. I can't tell you how many times I've come home, sweaty and oily, after a long stressful work trip, to stand in front of the bathroom mirror for some pimple popping (with my husband, Andrew spying in the background...ah!!). So question here: can we avoid these icky moments?

To an extent, yes! Certain herbs and veggies can balance our hormones and offer natural skin remedies that work better than drugstore stuff. If you want that selfie-worthy skin, here's how to get it the natural way.


Okay, I know it sounds random, but pickles are magic! Since they’re fermented, they help build good bacteria in your gut to improve digestion. Nutritionists and naturopaths agree--according to Hollistic Health, pickles are ranked one of the 6 top acne fighters. The juices soothe and detox your body, letting your skin clear up naturally.

And if you're really keen, you should even drink that green juice in the jar-- it’s pure vitamins! Seriously, gulp it down everyday.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle worker as a facial toner. Let me explain: for the toner, ACV contains lactic acid that can exfoliate dead skin cells and help shrink pores. However, be warned, too much can be dangerous. Beauty blogger Devon Ableman wrote in Allure magazine that she noticed amazing results from ACV, seeing smoother, healthier looking skin.

However, her dermatologist recommended against it. The only reason being that too much ACV is too harsh for the face if you use too much (due to the acid). So if you simply put a drop on a cotton ball and add water to dilute that amount, you can safely use ACV to keep your complexion fresh and polished. ACV contains antibacterial properties that work to dry out your pimples, leaving your skin fresh and clean.


Jam-packed with vitamin C, broccoli is like a spa treatment for your skin. But be warned: you must eat broccoli cooked, not raw; otherwise, it can have the opposite effect.

As Livestrong explains, raw broccoli i is harder to digest because it’s strong in fiber. So the digestion process puts more stress out your gut...and by extension, your skin. By steaming broccoli until soft, your body can digest nutrients better , letting your skin get the full benefits.

Lemon water

Pure and simple, lemon water is a total skin replenisher. Every morning, before breakfast, drink some lemon water for electrolytes and vitamins. On, lemon water was rated 4.4 out of 5 for effectiveness in clearing up skin. That’s pretty impressive considering the reviewers on the site tend to be harsh critics.

So consider lemon water your go-to for a natural route to glowing skin. Overtime, you may even be able to use less foundation or wear more natural makeup.

Ginger root

Ginger root is one of my favorites for naturally glowing skin. According to Livestrong, “Ginger root has warming and invigorating properties, which makes it an excellent cleanser for the skin and face.” Basically, ginger stimulates the skin, increases the blood flow and offers a warming effect that cleans the skin.

To apply it, put a teaspoon of ginger juice onto a cotton pad and then rinse with cold water so it’s not too harsh. Spread over your face before bed and let your skin heal overnight. Beauty!

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