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6 Top Fall Fashion Trends 2018-19

Although I hate to see summer go, I can’t hold my excitement for fall fashion! If you’re a sucker for laid-back style and cozy fabrics, like me, you’ll adore what this season has to offer. Taking a more conservative approach this year, many trends are featuring longer hemlines and fuller textures. It’s all about looking chic and classy. Here are my top casual fashion trends for fall 2018-19.

1. Cable knit sweaters

Warm and snug, cable knit sweaters are a hit for fall! Seen on tons of major runways like Oscar de la Renta and Stella Mccartney, the cable knit sweater should be your go-to for the colder months. In terms of color, seek out versions in cream, mink grey, almond and pastel pink -- the trending color palette of the season

2. Cropped trousers

Doubling as both a casual office pant and going-out bottoms, the cropped trousers are wonderfully versatile. For this fall, most versions are high waisted and come in a variety of textures. There are cargo versions with lots of pockets, giving a cool safari vibe; denim ones, like the pants shown on the Lacoste runway; and even tailored gray trousers for a strong, empowering look.

3. Tweed coats

Tweed never gets old. With its luxe, full-fabric feel, tweed coats give you a chic and polished finish. And of course, they're also warm! Seek out styles in grey or earth tones, which can easily match with your outfit.

4. Long vintage skirts

Call me old-fashioned, but I love these long vintage skirts! Even though I don’t wear them (because I’m 4’11 and they make me look short), I can appreciate their traditionally feminine allure. This season’s showing all sorts of long skirt textures: layered chiffon, shiny leather and abstract minimalist designs.

5. Lace-up knee-high boots

Knee-high boots were always a fall favorite, but now they got even more interesting! Inspired by the frilly, girlie look of the Victorian era, knee-high boots now have a lace-up design for a funky effect. You can find flat versions that are more casual, or if you’re dying for some lift, heeled styles are also being shown.

6. Capes

Want to feel superwoman? Capes are all the rage this fall, being featured in all different colors and patterns. The most popular cape designs seems to be ones featuring neutral tones or geometric patterns. Slip a cape over your outfit on days where you’re feeling more free-spirited than a fitted coat.

Now before you rush to your wardrobe to assess your stock, be practical with your budget. Since most of these fall trends for 2018-19 are vintage, it’s quite likely that your mom has some of these styles hiding away in her closet. After all, true vintage is the best!

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